Since iOS 6 went live yesterday morning, there has been a lot of commotion regarding Apple’s new Maps application. As most of you know, Apple replaced Google’s mapping software with its own in-house solution this year.

And people hate it. Reports over the last 24 hours have berated the app for not having transit information, being inaccurate, and just flat out not being as good as its predecessor. Well, Apple responded to the criticism this afternoon…

AllThingsD has the statement:

“Customers around the world are upgrading to iOS 6 with over 200 new features including Apple Maps, our first map service. We are excited to offer this service with innovative new features like Flyover, turn by turn navigation, and Siri integration. We launched this new map service knowing it is a major initiative and that we are just getting started with it. Maps is a cloud-based solution and the more people use it, the better it will get. We appreciate all of the customer feedback and are working hard to make the customer experience even better.”

Admittedly, the Maps app seems a bit unpolished for a public release. But if what Apple says is true, we should start noticing improvements in the Maps app very soon. And since the media has given this issue so much attention, I’d bet on it.

But the question still remains, will we see a standalone Google Maps application for iOS anytime soon? It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

What do you make of the whole situation?

  • Yeah! Everybody just calm the frak down!! 😛

  • No one is ever happy. Use google maps on safari.


  • they’re just stalling because they fucked up

  • JerseyD

    I think apple maps is more deserving of a beta moniker than Siri.

    • nftnft

      The only thing is that if they release an update for Apple Maps, it means that we will have to update the whole iOS 6 and if by then there’s already a jailbreak, maybe the new update will make people lose their jailbreaks so, unless you’re willing to lose your jailbreak, then you’ll be stuck with the old Apple Maps until a new jailbreak comes out. >.<

  • Nicholas Osborne

    I don’t know why people are so unhappy with the new maps… I think they look absolutely beautiful! I was flying over nyc earlier and I was amazed at the texture and detail apple has done! Great job

    • You won’t miss much if you’re in a major city (Such as NYC or SF), but the maps are lacking greatly in many other areas.

    • Sure, it’d be nice if they look good, but maps aren’t there to look beautiful and take your breath away. They serve a purpose.

  • f1ght3r

    It’s not THAT bad, obviously not as good as google earth but it’s not completely useless.

  • R N

    wait, so does this mean it’ll auto update itself every time there is a change since it is cloud base? well I guess that’s a good idea, but still… it sucks so bad here in UK -_-

  • Eldara

    Hey its really new thing, 3D is the new, google earth is 3D, but apple maps is much better, Apple is the best and everyone knows this. Samsung galaxy s3 is not mobile its just fridge… Come on samsung guys Sell fridge and buy real phone.

    • alexanderlyd

      google earth has a FEW 3d buildings and they are badly rendered and will never be as good as flyover on apple maps. yeah i admit, apple map are not PERFECT but obiously they will get way better over time, google maps wasn’t as good as this when it came out.

      • Eldara

        ya i allow apple maps are much better, theres no dout! APPLE IS THE BEST OF THE BEST. please vote up this comment who thinks that apple is the best guys.

      • pwsfinest

        Apple is old technology. Everything the “new” iPhone can do, Android phones have been doing for years. Welcome to 2010, iPhone! No NFC, still a small screen, no wigits, another proprietary connector (more trash for the landfill and cost to the iSheep), only one keyboard option, can’t attach documents or files to emails, limited sharing between apps, no haptic feedback… “Best of the best” my a$$. Maybe the iPhone 9 (which will be the 13th iPhone) running iOS 11 will have some of these “innovative” ideas.

      • Kurt

        haha good points!

      • anasiatka

        @eldara:disqus While I appreciate you like (ehh, love may not even say it strong enough) Apple you are obviously trolling because even I who love Apple would never post this on any blog. I am just saying, you are saying to vote your comment up and that is even more so going to cause it to get voted down. Opinions are opinions, but making that kind of statement (to me) is beyond Fanboyish and more like worship. Just to be clear though, I do not disagree with you in some areas I just do not think I would ever make that statement. 😉

    • Ooh! Is this the fanboy section of the article?
      Google Earth is 7 years old and 3D has existed for quite some time now. Google maps work great, Apple maps don’t. So I don’t see how could Apple maps possibly be any better right now.

  • wadjj

    I love how they put “even” before better. Apple’s always good at teaching me English.

    • hi

      haha i like that

  • Apple responds to criticism regarding new Maps app, “Don’t Hold It That Way”.

  • “Maps is a cloud-based solution and the more people use it, the better it will get.”
    Well if it’s not good to begin with, people are going to be less inclined to use it, therefor it will receive little use and take way longer to get better.
    That’s why it will take at least 6 months before you see Google’s Maps app become available. Apple wants you to use their app to enhance it.

    • PathKiller29

      there a large number of people that just use whats on the phone, as a regular user. Doesn’t matter who’s happy or not, they’re will be plenty of users.

    • With the millions iPhone 5 sold out, iOS 6 comes pre-installed, therefore, people will be forced to use the new Map app…

  • Devendra Panchal

    In my maps application voice doesn’t work. Anyone know what’s the problem?

    • What device are you using?

      • Devendra Panchal

        4s mate!

      • anasiatka

        Check if your silent button on the side is enabled; check settings under the Settings>Maps and see which option for voice is selected. Also, check Do Not Disturb… What are your results? Are you running from a fresh install/restore or OTA install? Just curious and trying to help… It works for me but there are a lot of different options and areas that I think can effect this features sound.

  • What I don’t understand is that it was well known since June that google maps would be drop and everyone is making the commotion a few months later.

    Also it’s hard to make the maps app perfect if the people who access beta is very small in comparison to the millions of iOS users out there.

    • If the new maps app was good it wouldn’t be a commotion. It sucks though, so the masses are letting Apple know.

      • Then make the commotion in June when they announced it and when the beta was available to many developers who probably thought the same, not months later.

  • seyss

    Having billions in the bank I think they could’ve done better… same with battery.. they should do a “Project Manhattan” on a breakthrough battery. Lemme be Apple’s CEO and you’ll see

  • Caleb

    You have to give Apple credit, I mean… Google has been doing maps for a LONG, LONG time. Give them a break!

    It all depends on your area as well. Where I live, I have ZERO problems whatsoever. The only issue, is turn by turn drains battery pretty fast, too fast for my car charger. Haha!

  • MrPelz

    Wait, how are maps supposed to get better with more usage? That means if I get angry because some place is just black/white or coverd by clouds or every second road is named wrong in some places the amazing new iPhone will record my voice, send it to Apple where it gets auto-analyzed by Siri’s voice recognition and then – like magic – the maps improvements processed out of that are pushed back to my maps app? THAT’S BULLSHIT. MAPS CANNOT GET BETTER BY USAGE. There’s no “feedback” wich some kind of artificial intelligence can be fed with like it’s done with Siri. Apple Maps sucks and it’s interesting to see that Apple is convenient enough to place such a rough and “beta-like” software out to end users who rely on the correctness of data in thier every day user experience. Bad mistake, Apple.

    • 4p0c4lyps3

      Lol, precisely wht i was thinking.Lmmfao, maps aging like fine wine in the cloud.Bahahahahahaha, fail.

    • I think they mean, the more users who are accessing the app will increase its routing database. I don’t think they meant it would be instantaneous but over a period of time.

      • hi

        you’re right, thats exactly what they mean

    • Turn the corner of the maps in the bottom right and there is a “Report a problem” button. Now who looks like an idiot?

      • MrPelz

        No one. I just don’t think that people will use that button in cases when they need fast, accurate data wich Google Maps could have served them… And, about that report-thing: so the users should keep on reporting problems until Apple fixes its maps service to a level that makes the whole thing usable? Not a good strategy, why not make it good right away bofore releasing it to customers?

      • Waze does this and no one that uses that complains about it because it actually helps and eventually things get better.

      • Lordthree

        People can still use google maps while Apple fixes it. Simple as that

      • So what you are saying is that the customers have to make it work. Not apple. Epic conclusion troll!

      • No I’m saying customers can help. Obviously Apple has to fix things themselves but help from people who are actually in the area where the problem is and can give specific details as to what is wrong can speed up the fixes. I also don’t think you understand when to correctly use the term “troll”. If I said something like “Apples maps are the best because Google sucks!” then that would be trolling because its obviously a stupid comment, but voicing my opinions doesn’t make me a troll.

  • Yes Apple put it out there but, TomTom is the true problem as it is their mapset. Personally, I could care less as, I use a navigation unit. Do I think the maps are as bad as everyone is making them out to be…No, people just hate change and others hate Apple.

    • pwsfinest

      Wrong. TomTom gives the same mapping software to all of their customers. It’s up to the customer (Apple) to integrate. TomTom’s maps are fine, Apple is just being to big for it’s britches… again. So keep being a sheep and telling everyone how great Apple is when clearly they got this wrong.

  • What I think is stupid is iPhone 4 users don’t get Siri, turn by turn or 3D mapping they get stuck with the crap end of IOS6 at least they could have left us with google’s maps

    • Nah, you should just buy a new iPhone.

      • God you’re dumb @Kevin

      • I don’t know about you, but his comment screams sarcasm to me. Turn on your sarcasm detectors.

      • SoCoMagNuM

        sacrasm aside…its still true

      • Yup. When it comes to planned obsolescence, Apple is the true champion.

      • Oh God. I don’t even wanna talk to you. TripTop. By the way don’t put numbers in your name. It makes me think you can’t spell.

      • TripTop? So much irony… It hurts!

      • You misspelled TripTop. So your name is TronepTrzerop.

      • Your excuses are pathetic. Please, keep trying. lol

      • My excuses? What are my excuses? What’s pathetic? Please explain this to me. My sarcasm detectors? Sorry, but I grew up and got past being sarcastic and putting numbers in my name. So you laugh because you’re starting to feel uncomfortable or are you just an idiot who thinks it’s so cool to put numbers in your name? Everytime you reply back to me it puts a smile on my face. You make me laugh. Or can I say LOL

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      • Lol you just put a smile on my face right now. It sounds like you’re mad. Bitching and moaning are two different things. Might wanna look up what moaning and bitching is. And while I’m at it ITS A USERNAME! Do you mean It’s? It seems like your yelling and getting angry because I’m making fun of your dumb username. Hey Kid wanna get some advice? The whole number thing was really cool back in 2008-2010. Still yammering? Do you mean typing because I’m not using my voice to respond back to you. What are you dumb or something? I am “pathetic” and proud of it. It’s pretty pathetic for you to keep replying back.

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        And what in the world happened to “Oh God. I don’t even wanna talk to you.”? It’s really interesting how frustrated you were when you said it, but when you royally fucked up my username, then you turned into this “lol your funny” personality. Good for you for admitting you’re pathetic. Admitting you have a problem is the first step… Goodbye and good luck with your treatment!

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      • Whos_Jeff

        We are all not as fortunate like you to just buy a new iPhone

    • TriguyRN

      This is apple we’re talking about……….

    • I know that feel bro

    • nima

      keep calm and carry an iphone 5!

      • a smit


  • ”innovative new features like turn by turn navigation”…….

  • “We are excited to offer this service with innovative new features like Flyover, turn by turn navigation, and Siri integration.”
    OMG turn by turn navigation!!

  • google maps on ios 5 doesnt have 3D..
    does it?

    • B Phillips


  • in Europe new maps app is useless! i knows nothing about the city and without LTE it is much slower than the google maps

  • Because you paid for it, and they don’t give an other option like Google maps. So you had to pay for your phone and now you’re in 2 Beta projects of Apple: Siri and Maps, without giving an option to the old Maps.

    • Wtf? I didnt pay for the maps app, i paid for the iPhone with all the other features besides one app people are bitching about. Seriously if this one app is going to make people not buy an iPhone that is just stupid.

      • The troll is strong in this one

      • Like I said before you don’t know what trolling even is do you?

      • anasiatka

        @facebook-100000448295637:disqus Wow so I am not sure what the big deal is over this Maps application (I will be posting about that later) but I can’t believe you got voted down for your comments above. Granted there was a few words that were slightly more vulgar than that which I would use – I do not think it is unfounded. People do need to calm down about that app… It is TEN TIMES BETTER than the Google Maps application was. But, keep in mind that while I love it, and all its features – Google could have been wanting to do this but Apple would not allow them to. Or, since it was baked in to the install they could not update it (as much) as they wanted to. I would be interested in seeing how the Google Maps app turns out to be considering they probably have been working on the iOS standalone for a while now. So, I said I would not write what I think about the Apple Maps app but I feel like there will be a lot of people complaining that I am being Fanboyish if I do not at least explain why I feel like what Apple put out is better. Please remember, Apple has more control over these things but it still goes to show they put in a complete overhaul… When you lock your device while in navigation mode, the lock screen becomes a live navigation view and it is gorgeous! There is a banner on the top that shows you when you come up to turns so you do not have to have the maps app running in the foreground but it can run in the background until you need it – which would be when you have to make a turn. Also, there are a lot of other areas overall that were polished. Now, with that being said – do I think it is worthy of being iOS 6 versus iOS 5.5? I do not think that Apple is using that scheme as they are following the iDevices and generations as well as pretty much not following the 4.x.x scheme where they were going to 4.0, 4.0.1, 4.1.2, 4.3.3 etc. and instead just putting out free updates and calling it whatever they want. What is in a number anyways since it is a free update? Still, I overall am impressed with what they put out. They updated a lot of their stock apps and it is a overall more complete experience. Breath taking considering other products? Not really. Do I like it? Yes. Am I glad I updated? Yes. Do I miss my Jailbreak? YES! However, I am glad I upgraded. The updating experience was actually very smooth… It went better than I expected it to, even though my 64GB 4s took over 6 hours to update – that is just an issue with the storage space and how much data I had to restore. Plus, I did not use a computer but iCloud and it was using my full internet speed during the restore process.

      • B Phillips

        haha that’s exactly what is happening in Sydney where the new maps app gets the location of the apple store wrong. If you upgraded to ios6 then went to buy the new iphone5 you lose. literally. epic fail apple maps developers.

    • Also you can open safari and use google maps there. It works just fine it just doesnt look as “pretty” as the app did before. Problem solved for now. Google also submitted their app already so all you have to do is wait until Apple approves it. Its not the end of the world -___-

      • Thorasgard

        Still waiting

  • I think apple maps are better then google, that’s my opinion.

    • B Phillips

      that’s great for you, however do you care to share why as no one cares what your (or any random posters) opinion is, but they are interested in what reasons made you form such an opinion.

  • Matt

    if it’s so terrible then don’t update.. too late now isn’t it? i’ll be enjoying ios5 for few more months, i’m in no rush to grab everything right away the second it comes out. besides i’m due for free upgrade in january i’m sure by then it’ll all be updated and ready to go plus maybe untethered jailbreak? 🙂

  • I think that they will approve the Google one and we will have a healthy competition. Apple doesn’t do things half hearted. It will be a great app very quickly. Watch and see..

    Based on Apple’s philosophy so far, my bet is on Apple to have that improved quickly.

    I was amazed at the iOS 6 update on my iPad. It went so smoothly over the air for both my and my daughter’s iPad.

    • Thorasgard

      This proves Apple does things half hearted. I should have waited until they get their crApple together befor ordering the new phone.

  • Was google or mapquest as great now as it was when it debuted??

    • B Phillips

      haha … your joking right. We live in the present, if a new product/app is to compete it should at least be as good (ideally better) than the current present day mapping products. 30mins playing with an iphone5 is enough to realize it is no where near as polished as the iphone models before it. i’ll be keeping my iphone4s until 5s of a better alternative comes along.

  • Rabydun

    If someone can give me one good practical use for Flyover I’m all ears. Eye-candy.

    • nima

      keep calm and carry an iphone 5

  • g1ToTo

    Since when turn by turn navigation is “innovative”? oh wait…that’s right.. it’s from Apple…

  • the new maps doesn’t work in India! it says “directions not available”

  • B Phillips

    i really shouldn’t be surprised. if any other brand like samsung or htc released there flagship phone with such bad mapping they would be panned. but apple fans will support and stickup for whatever they are given. apple said they will make it be better so it must be true. it’s apple so it is the best on the market it just doesn’t work properly yet.

    • @dongiuj

      So why do they charge so much money for something that “doesn’t work properly”?
      I remember when you used to go to a shop and buy something that worked and did exactly what it was supposed to do. Doesn’t it feel a bit strange to you that now we buy a product and we have to wait to see if it will eventually do what the company says it can do and if it doesn’t work out they just scrap that idea (mobileme).

  • Yeah totally it sucks. Look at my country! I can’t even see anything including Angkor Wat which at least Apple knows about it


  • lmfaooo!!! That is so true!

  • four17

    The Apple Map app sucks. I would like to have Google Maps or go back to 5..1.1

  • four17

    The reason I used to rave about Apple products is because of the “Fit & Finish”. That was before this piece of shit the call maps was forced on me.

  • I think Apples Maps are really good actually. I mean sure i can’t Transit but there might be a Google Maps app soon! So that should help. Everyone just needs to relax.

  • And Finally..Apple came with the map that Google had before iphone was named iphone.

  • So 2 of apple’s main products are now in beta, Seems like a smart move….. NOT
    P.S. if they think it will get better when people use it… no one will use this shit, how can it get any better?

  • iPhone4 users! Throw it away, and buy the new one. When I see an obvious “BUY! CONSUME!…” situations (like this) I always think about that Apple REALLY cares about the environment???

  • WOW! Have you noticed that there is NO negative word in the announcement!!! What a professional communication!
    “3xnew, excited, innovative, 2xbetter, appreciate…and: working hard” :)))

  • Javier Gore

    What’s read between lines is “We screwed up by taking drastic and poor thought out measures” such as getting rid of Google presence in iOS as a result of the revenge for the safari privacy scandal. A successful company has to know its weakness and limitations while at the same time recognizing other company’s strengths. Should apple have done this in the first place, they would have taken proper measures to progressively getting rid of google maps instead of facing this scandal.
    I think Apple was way too arrogant to believe they could lead the mapping industry from night to day.

  • apple need to acquire some map company…..tom tom, garmin maybe? haha