Apple’s promotional video detailing the biggest iPhone 5 features went live shortly following yesterday’s series of announcements, but you need QuickTime, Apple’s media software, to watch it in your browser.

Many hate QuickTime, especially Windows PC users. The QuickTime for Windows installer is nearly a hundred megabyte download and the software has become infamous for its resource hoginess (is that even a word?).

Luckily, two hours ago the company uploaded the clip to its YouTube channel and we’ve embedded it here for your viewing pleasure…

Don’t forget that you can also stream the iPhone 5 keynote video directly from (yes, QuickTime is required) or download the entire presentation in high-definition as an iTunes video podcast.

Apple released another video on YouTube which details its in-ear headphones called EarPods. The clip explains some of the new solutions Apple’s acousticians came up with to achieve the richer bass and crisper highs.

Surprisingly enough, the awesome ad for the colorful new iPods is nowhere to be found on Apple’s YouTube channel (but don’t worry, we have you covered!).

What do you think of the iPhone 5 promo clip?

Are you sold yet?

By the way, don’t you love Jony Ive’s British pronunciation of the word ‘aluminum’ (in his version: ‘aluminium’)?

  • Nice video. They worked hard and produced a pretty snazzy product. Good for them.

  • Awesome video, I think Apple nailed it on this one.

  • shinx2ran

    Well they really turned the table in smartphone fight

  • Theres no reason to hate the iPhone 5. Most people just expected something completely different.. But i honestly dont see how anyone can say anything negative about it.

  • 1. New 8 pin connector won’t pass audio and video so docking stations and car stereos with old type plug won’t work even with the $29.99 each adapter to use existing cord and convert to 8 pin.
    2. They say you can use adapter to plug into docked radio and use audio jack but audio jack is at the bottom so will be hard to do without L shaped ear phone jack and even then I don’t know if will fit with adapter.
    3. Adapter will add extra space between iPhone and dock so since dock not made to be used like this may cause instability or pin damage.

    4. I heard FaceTime on cellular won’t work unless you have the family shared data plan.
    5. Screen is only 1/2 inch taller and they say so you can operate with one hand but the print is too small for me vertical and I have to turn horizontal to get print large enough to view and using horizontal with one hand is cumbersome
    6. Will have to buy new case.
    7. Any audio video accessories like iPhone to composite or component are useless with new connector not passing video and audio.
    8. Apple is making up their own maps and getting away from google maps so I like the built in function how it brings up google maps and the little guy to view as if you are standing on the street looking around and I doubt they will have that. Google sent those cars with cameras around to record all that info.

    • Kok Hean

      Get an Android phone.