The iPhone 5 keynote now available as high-def iTunes download

If you wanted to watch Tim Cook and his team the iPhone 5, iOS 6, iTunes and new iPods but don’t want to stream, you can now download the entire iPhone 5 keynote as iTunes video podcast, free of charge. Though Apple did not provide a live stream of yesterday’s event, just a few hours later the company made available a streaming video of the presentation through its web site. If history is indication, following the stream and iTunes podcast it shouldn’t be too long until the keynote pops up on Apple’s YouTube channel

The complete download is around 1.34GB for “normal” resolution. The high-definition version will consume a whopping 3.03GB of storage.

The entire presentation runs one hour and 58 minutes long.

I fell asleep last evening (or should I say, this morning my time) just as Phil Schiller was wrapping up his iPhone 5 hardware segment. It’s not Phil, I was just crushed.

I do intend on watching the whole thing (how could I not?) so I’ll be putting this video podcast on my iPhone and iPad to kill a few minutes of my time whenever I can.

Did you watch the keynote?

What do you think, how did Cook & Co. do?