You gotta see Apple’s awesome ad for new iPods

Apple yesterday refreshed the iPod lineup alongside the new iPhone 5 (here’s your keynote) and boy do these colorful iPod touches look sexy. The company also revamped the popular iPod nano, making it taller and giving it a widescreen display with multitouch user interface, Bluetooth (we envision interesting accessories for the new nano).

Yes, the new touch comes in a bunch of attractive colors as well. The entry-level iPod shuffle also saw a slight redesign. But how do you go about advertising the updated iPods in a memorable, attractive and easy-going manner? Here’s how…

The commercial cleverly combines the elongated iPod touch and iPod nano form factors with vivid color choices for each devices.

It’s positively aggressive, fun and cheerful with the new little devices bouncing all over the place (via Michael Steeber of Cult of Mac).

Notice how the two shuffles combine into a single iPod nano?

The new iPod touch has the same taller but not wider four-inch Retina display like the iPhone 5. Powered by the A5 chip, it weighs in at just 88 gram and has a five-megapixel iSight camera on the back and FaceTime HD out the front. It costs $299/$399 for 32GB/64GB of storage and is available in black, white, pink, yellow and blue.

The new iPod nano has a 2.5-inch widescreen multitouch display, has the home button, FM tuner, pedometer, Bluetooth and Ligtning dock connector. It costs $149 and is available in seven different colors: aluminum, black, purple, green, blue, yellow and red.

Do you like this ad?