Hot on the heels of today’s presser that brought us the new iPhone 5, revamped iPod nano, improved and redesigned iPod touch, the new EarPods and other tidbits, Apple has also just released iTunes 10.7. This release represents a minor update to the jukebox software, designed to provide support for iOS 6 (when it goes live a week from today) running on iPods, iPads and iPhones. This isn’t the completely re-written, buttery smooth iTunes 11 that Apple mentioned during the announcement – that one is officially due in October…

iTunes 10.7 is a 157MB download that “adds support for iOS 6 running on compatible iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models”.

In addition, iTunes 10.6 “also adds support for the latest iPod nano and iPod shuffle models”.

The software be downloaded free of charge for Mac or Windows from the official iTunes download page.

Don’t panic if iTunes 10.7 isn’t available for you – these things take time to propagate.

  • JamesR624

    Is this version Jailbreak safe?

    • Metroview

      Why does everyone ask this stupid question when there’s an iTunes update? When has there been a version of iTunes that wasn’t jailbreak safe?

      • This might be the one time, man. THE ONE TIME!

      • Very good point. Never understood why there was always an announcement that it is safe.

      • ACardAttack

        There was one version I do believe that was not safe

      • JamesR624

        There was a BUNCH of versions that were’t jailbreak safe if I recall. I just wanted to make sure. I’d rather not have that one version not be safe and be stuck with having to unjailbreak my phone. iOS SUCKS on stock.

  • Metroview

    Converting higher bitrate songs enabled still breaks album art on the iPhone. Back to 10.5.3

  • Thank you for this!

  • oh yes, just what I need. an update that will help my iTunes to be capable of devices and iOSs’ that the public doesn’t have yet.

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    not for windows yet..

    • Metroview

      The Windows version IS there. The TEXT on the download page hasn’t been updated yet.

      • Mohammad Ridwan

        Not yet… or please give me the link

      • Jimmy Tchalemian

        It’s there for download but as I save the file it doesn’t do anything after that. Restarted computer and still nothing. Maybe I should wait for a correction.

  • Alex Blaha

    Hey, so I’m I the only one who’s getting an error on installation about unable to access a key or whatever.. Honestly I hate my laptop right now. Windows 7 x64. Help me PLEASE. SOS SOS. 🙁

  • Almarx

    secure connections to iTunes store failed and so couldn’t update my iphone 4 to ios 6. what to do? 🙁

  • Destiny09695

    someone help me please! i downloaded this, got to destination select, and there was a triangle with an ‘!’ in it saying i already have a newer version of itunes but i only have the itunes that was installed in 2010, but when i connect my Iphone with iOS 6 it says i need to download the newer version. Does this make sense to anybody?

  • Surendra

    iTunes download page does not have 10.7. It only has 11.x version which does not detect iPhone, iPad etc. Where else can I get 10.7?