Meet EarPods, Apple’s new in-ear headphones

It is no secret that Apple’s in-ear headphones that ship with iPhones and iPods leave a lot to be desired. Sound quality is average, at best, bass is non-existent and highs sound a little too robotic. Of course, we knew Apple would be introducing a brand new headset today. What we haven’t known is that the company spent three years designing the new headphones, dubbed EarPods. Yes, three years…

iTunes head Greg Joswiak noted:

Doing a great headphone is hard. Ears are challenging. Everyone’s are different, but you have to make one size.

He’s right about the one-size-fits-all requirement: the current headset is driving me crazy as it falls out of my ear constantly.

So, what does designing earphones that fit for everyone compares to, Greg?

It would be like making shoes that are the same size that fit everyone’s feet. But that’s what we’ve tried to do.

This is what the EarPods look like.

The company played a promotional video at the presser, signifying that it deems the new headset a substantial improvement.

Hopefully, they fit and sound better than the crappy headset it replaces.

The new headset is available today.

Apple is providing these as a standalone accessory, including them with every iPod touch, iPod nano and iPhone 5.

“I think music lovers will love these”, we shall see about that once we have a chance to test what the headset feels and sounds like.

What do you think, are those headphones worth the price?