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  • Hey I just got m y 16GB white verizon iPhone 4 stolen. Is ther anything that I can do to recover it besides find my iPhone which says the phone is “offline”. I heard that you can do something with the UDID or serial number to locate it or make it unusable. Very much appreciated!

    • Owned

      Lulz u got owned

    • Liu Zhenyu

      Call the cops, not here

    • No bro you are out of luck.

      It just happen to me two months ago with my lovely iPhone 4 (I bought it with my own money so I love it so much)

      I was kind of stupid that left my phone on the walk way in our gym at the college. The thing is I trusted the place where I leave my iPhone because many of my friends also leave it over there.

      At that time we were playing a soccer and my phone and the other’s guy phone also was there (both are iPhone 4)

      One girl just stand over there like playing on her phone, and we are like why is she standing there is not that we are awesome players and nice to watch LOL.

      After everyone wants to leave then the first thing I do is just to see if I got any missed call since I left it there for a bit while now. Once I go to the place where I left my phone then WOW my phone is not there!!! I just went to ask the guy who took his phone before me and ask him if he sees my phone? And he say no why? then shit happen to me now I’m right away assume is stolen because no one was there.

      At that time we didn’t right away say it was her because we can’t acuse anyone yet, but I went to the security and report the problem, and they say they will check the camera, but with almost no hope because the place where we play we put the curtain down and it blocks the camera sights 🙁

      So first thing I do I ask my brother who also got an iPhone 4 to check iCloud with find my iPhone, but really! it says it is offline :'(

      I recall I always check and it was online the last hour which means it was online.

      Now the problem with my phone is that I never put “passcode” so they can sign off my icloud and then that’s it I will not be able to track them.

      So I only have one hope is to wait for the result from the security and say if they can see someone took it or the curtian totally blocked it.

      The only thing while I was waiting is pray to God, and the next day once I get to my college all I do is walk to the security and ask.

      He said that they can’t see at all sorry and next time don’t put any worth stuff at these places.

      Now my case I was lucky I went to the investigation office in our college and talk to them and say that we know who took it, and if they can help because we all are witness who was standing over there.

      Before I was about to leave home the investigation office call and say “Come and take your phone”

      Oh my God this is like I can’t describe it I was so happy about it, and YES it was her she is the one who took it.

      They asked her and she confess that she took it and give an excuses about her situation and you know blah blah.

      They said she will send an apologize letter to me and this almost three months and I never get one LOL.

      Anyway my case I was lucky, but sorry for you bro I think you are out of luck 🙁

  • Sophia Lawrence

    i like it