Infographic: iPhone 5 rumor roundup

Apple’s iPhone event is now less than three weeks away, and the rumor mill is in full swing. It seems like every day we hear new rumors regarding what the handset will look like and do.

And while the constant speculation can be exasperating, it does help paint a picture of what we can expect. Keep reading to see what the tech world thinks we’ll see in the new iPhone…

Our friends over at put together this awesome infographic of predictions for the next-gen iPhone. The data in the graphic comes from 5 different tech sites, iDB included:

As you can see, most everyone seems to agree on a number of the rumors we’ve heard over the past few months. Thanks to consistent part leaks and reports, the iPhone is widely expected to have a larger display, a smaller dock connector, LTE, and an all-new two tone design. The 5 tech sites put the chances of these features materializing in upwards of 90%.

On the other hand, we haven’t heard much about the internals of the handset. Things like processor speed, RAM and camera sensors are all fairly unknown at this point. Processor bump is likely, but will it be the A5X or A6? Camera upgrade is a tough one to call because the 8MP shooter in the iPhone 4S is already one of the best on the market. And RAM is also a toss up.

Then of course, we could all be way off.

What do you think of the above predictions?