It seems that Apple is starting to take some major steps to cut down on the amount of copyright and content infringement found in iTunes, and more specifically, the App Store.

Yesterday, we noted that it had rejected an app because its icon looked too similar to that of another. And today we’ve learned that it’s launched new copyright claims tools…

TheNextWeb reports on the revamped tools, which were first pointed out by iOS developer Brad Larson. It says the biggest change is the new iTunes Content Dispute tool, which is now set up to handle claims specific to apps. It’s supposed to make it easier for devs to file copycat claims.

The form reads:

“If you believe that an application available in the App Store violates your intellectual property rights, you can use this form to submit a claim to the App Store Legal Team. If you are looking for the form to submit a claim for any other type of content available on the iTunes Store, please visit here.

Apps on the App Store are made available by third party providers. Once you have identified the app and described the alleged infringement on the following pages, we will respond via email with a reference number and will put you in direct contact with the provider of the disputed app. Any further contact with the App Store Legal team should be made via email and should include the reference number in the subject line.”

In addition to the new Content Dispute tool for apps, Apple has also updated its submission process for standard iTunes copyright infringement claims. This particular form is for non-app copyright disputes like music, and is now much more clear and streamlined.

It’s great to see Apple taking steps to help cut down on cloning and copyright infringement in the App Store. As the Store has gotten bigger over the years, the problem has gotten increasingly worse.

  • Now Apple need to ban Samsung for copying…

    • iSheep. Apple needs to be banned for stealing ideas and not giving credit(Wifi Sync, Notification Center, Rotation Inhibitor) or to make it sound Apple-like(ability to have wallpaper(stolen from Android phones),

      • Kok Hean

        The ability to have wallpapers is stolen from Android. They totally made it Apple-like by allowing people to choose pictures as their wallpapers. The notification system exactly the same as the one from Android and absolutely not inspired by MobileNotifier. Google also created the rotation lock. And how can we forget wireless syncing, which is also invented by Google? Google gave credit to people who invented these amazing inventions! I worship Google everyday for the amazingly smooth and stable Android operating system. I even have a little shrine for Google so that I can pray to it everyday.

        So here’s the’s the typical argument.

        Normal user: [Insert something pro-Apple or anti-Google/Android/Samsung here]
        Fandroid: iSheep blah blah blah iOS sucks blah blah blah Apple blah blah blah innovate blah blah blah stole from Android blah blah blah fanboy blah blah blah brainwashed blah blah blah hipster blah blah blah overpriced blah blah blah can your iShit do this blah blah blah iDiot blah blah blah i[Insert name with i here] blah blah blah Android FTW blah blah blah.

        I am seriously annoyed by Apple/Google/Samsung haters. I’m not really a fan of Apple – I just happen to own two of their iOS devices, so I visit sites like this to know more about them.

        I cannot get through a single article in sites like Engadget without a stupid comment about how much Apple sucks, or one of the stupid sue or “rectangular patent” jokes, even if it the articles don’t mention Apple.

        Do you guys find it essential to constantly bash Apple on every single article?

      • Ability to have wallpaper ? I hope your joking because pc and macs never had them b4 u fucking retard whatever was the reason they didint have it in the first place doesent mean they copyied from android for the fact that its nothing new no even close they aded it because people where complaining about not being able to personalize the phone Sorry This was ment for the other dude

      • Kok Hean

        Did you not see the huge sarcasm start/end tags?

      • Liu Zhenyu

        It was sarcarsm

      • Well, this escalated quickly.

      • Kok Hean


      • You forgot to mention that Android still can’t have a tablet running fast and smooth, even with half resolution of the iPad3 and Samsung are working hard on a new CPU/GPU with 8 cores to Android handle the retina display resolution.

        After that, and once again, fandroids will came with the argument that “this tablet is better than your iShit because it has 8-cores bla bla bla bla…” exacly like they do with the iPhone 4S (where apple even downclocked the cpu) vs Galaxy S3… lol

      • macboy74

        Agree I have a nexus 7 that has a quad core processor and it still runs as slow and laggy as the Galaxy Tab I had. Project butter is more like project peanut butter. And what a lot of these android users don’t understand is there are a lot of Apple users that have used or owned a device that runs android. And can speak from experience and not out of their ass.

      • That’s a fact. Most of the Apple users know very well Windows and Android but the opposite is pretty rare. And the worst is that they spread FUD faster than a powerful disease… ignorants.. ignorants everywhere.

      • The longest comment/rant I’ve seen on here in a long time. That’s five minuets of my life I’ll never get back but good job.

      • Liu Zhenyu


      • Liu Zhenyu

        I really liked the sarcarsm part.

  • f96lrs

    Dont buy iPhone 5 then

  • @dongiuj

    Wow, after reading all these comments i totally forgot what the main topic was about.

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      i think it had something to do with, don’t vote for obama. 😉

  • Wait, wheres the new app the title of this article promised?