Guilty. That was the verdict handed down by the court in the recent Apple vs Samsung legal battle. Samsung was accused of unabashedly copying Apple’s design over the years, and the jurors agreed.

Samsung now has to pay over one billion dollars in damages to Apple, along with the threat that some of their products may be banned.

Obviously, this is music to the ears of many Apple fans, but the question stands to be asked — was it fair? What do you think?

That’s this week’s question of the week. Of course, last week we asked you about AT&T’s FaceTime strategy, and we discuss your responses to that question in the first part of the video.

As always, leave your thoughts about the Samsung vs Apple trial below, and I’ll be sure to read a few of them “on their air” in our next video.

  • MagicDrumSticks

    A small victory for Apple a huge loss for consumers. I see this a step towards the destruction of innovation and the move towards a world with patent wars and monopolization. -disheartened apple fan

    • codezyn

      see it as other way….now Samsung (and other android manufactures ) will innovate and find out new UI and other windows mobile they innovated to live tiles… rather the app centred UI like iOS and Android…so this might be good for innovation and consumer

      • JT_CHITOWN

        Exactly! Perhaps we’ll finally get real choice.

      • I agree. Nice positive thinking!

    • Ignacio Irigoyen

      This kind of argument are sad. Nokia + Microsoft are inovating with out steping into apple patents. But now it seems everybody forgot this FACT. Lack of imagination does not mean that there is no other solution

    • It’s actually a huge win for consumers because 1) stealing in whatever shape and form shall be punished; 2) iPhone is unique, i.e you get what you pay for; 3) companies will be more focused on finding ways to ‘de-throne’ Apple instead of fighting in patent entanglements

  • Kok Hean

    Verdict? Fair. Is the lawsuit really necessary? No.

  • Lrs


  • MadAndronicus

    “Obviously, this is music to the ears of many Apple fans…”

    Only the stupid ones.

  • From the perspective of apple’s fans, Samsung is guilty. But from Samsung’s and other companies view point like google, HTC, … this verdict was not fair.
    But as consumer, and as a person using thier products, i’m affraid of it long term outcome. Like forcing other companies to move more carefully ( and unfortunately slower ), being affraid of using neccessery and helpful services in their products.
    Again i’m saying no matter which side won, this battle and the result, shaked the world of technology and i guess in tjat trail, we disn’t have any winners.


      Take heart. Microsoft came up with something original. With all the engineers at Samsung, Google, etc, not to mention all the money to be made in the mobile industry, it shouldn’t be long before they come up with something that seems less inspired by iOS.

      • And how many years did it take Microsoft to come up with something not copied from other platforms ? I remember the start day of Windows phone mobile which was in 2004. So 7 years for developing a mobile platform is not good. And look at the market share. Android which is copied from iOS is much more welcomed by the users.

      • JT_CHITOWN

        I don’t think Windows phone 8 has been under development for seven years. I believe it took Vista’s failure and the success of iOS for MS to realize that they needed to pump something fresh into both their mobile and PC operating systems.

        I’ve read some contrarian views that “copying is good” because it allows consumers to get features usually reserved to more expensive products into their own hands (ex. knock-off clothes, handbags, etc). However, by going the easy road with Android and TouchWiz, I argue that Google and Samsung has hurt consumers more because 1) Apple had been making traction on disrupting the cellular industry for the betterment of the consumer and Android has weakened it by mostly rolling over to the cell companies’ desires 2) stifles innovation by removing incentive for companies like Apple to create and 3) provides less *real* choice.

        As for marketshare, Android’s dominance is not tied to one particular phone (the iPhone is still the #1 smartphone) but rather its ubiquitousness on carriers and among a multitude of OEMS, early and more global foray into prepaid market (something only recently new to the iPhone), and more accessible cost-wise globally with free phones. Were Apple to capitulate to the carriers whims everywhere, I doubt Android would be enjoying the same %.

      • I do agree with you for some parts. BUT :
        For windows phone 8, Microsoft is putting his name and everything he has got in the line to stay in the competition. Microsoft is too prideful to confess to it’s failures and sure they are learning from them, but in the hard way.

        I guess you think I’m one of those who says: “If it’s an eye-candy and profitable service or patent, copy it and use it”. you got me wrong. I’m saying that it’s totally a mistake and time wasting to go all the way from zero to 100 again and again ( the way Microsoft is doing ) to find a good platform or product. I say you can use other’s experiences to jump forward, then you can easily reach the top sooner, smoother and better. If any company wants to make something new, now they must start from the very basics to watch not to use other companies services or patents. For example i guess the “Phone” icon in many new to come platforms ( like firefox ) must not use the green color, and they have to put energy, resources and time to find the best color representing the same meaning, when they easily could go with the same old green one and save resources and time and get to the final stage sooner.

      • JT_CHITOWN

        “I’m saying that it’s totally a mistake and time wasting to go all the way from zero to 100 again and again ( the way Microsoft is doing ) to find a good platform or product.”

        But that’s what gives us, as consumers, true options. I don’t want to choose from 30 flavors of an opensource version of iOS. I want 30 things that are unique and brings new approaches to smartphones. I think the world is better when people put their energies to finding clever solutions to age old problems.

        I’m not sure I’m going to abandon my iPhone (I did abandon Android for iOS just like I abandoned Palm for Android) for the Windows Phone 8, but at least it is refreshing.

        In life, how many times do shortcuts really yield the best results for anybody?

      • We can not expect every company to definitely bring “new approaches to smartphones”. Look at firefox’s new OS, it’s an absolute copy from both iOS and Android, but as it grows bigger, it will bring something new to the table too. The way you want it, is to choose from less options, because a little number of companies are able to direct and finish these kinds of projects ( because they are huge and money consumer projects and smaller companies never think about stepping their foot in to this territories ).
        But what I’am trying to say is, we should see more companies try to make usable and useful mobile operating systems, and the competition makes the bigger companies learn from these smaller companies.
        One really good example is the “unreal engine”. It is an open source game engine that stylist and big companies, along side of smaller and new born companies use it, and compete together and make better and better games for consumers.


    Without a doubt and long overdue.

  • Am I the only one who thinks this trial should be made into a Phoenix Wright episode ?

  • First of all “Question of the week” is a great idea to communicate with us! I like it a lot better than all these rumors, i even think you should put the rumors in a video section, cause it would bother that many people less to only see on post with all included rumors :p

    And the lawsuit, well I hope for a big response from samsung, because I finally want another choice. A complete renovation of smartphones is long overdue!

  • ap3604

    Hi Jeff,

    Just wanted to say I really like this “question of the week” format. If anything I’d like to see them twice a week and more thoughts from you on the best answers. Don’t let haters pigeonhole you into being a one-trick pony (only doing jailbreak tweaks). Keep doing what your doing Jeff you’re one of my favorites 🙂

    As for the trial verdict I try not to get caught up too much in the outcome since I have an iPhone and this result doesn’t affect it one bit. I am sad for Android owners though as I am always an advocate for consumers and this will be an expensive lesson and could hamper future Android phones abilities. You already saw with the galaxy nexus trial how the universal search function got stripped from the device with an update to avoid a ban.

  • Lee Capili

    If samsung had just paid the royalties asked by Apple in ~2010, they could have “saved” hundreds of millions of dollars (~$750m) and been able to legally sell their products in the market with their symbiotic relationship with Apple intact. It was the greed of BOTH companies that led them to this point (a lose-lose lawsuit).

    Perhaps the tech industry should take a page from the pharmaceutical IP laws and place an expiration on patents which would allow legal “generics” on to the market earlier than they would be otherwise.

    • they need to create formal software/hardware standards. For example, like suing companies because their device is the shape of a rectangle. As far as I remember, majority of physical objects are rectangular. And making a phone an exception doesn’t work.
      For software patents, there should be an extensive work done on a specific function in order for it to be patented. Something like “slide to unlock” does no cut it.

      • No more Obama

        Finally someone who makes sense.

  • dady king

    I feel bad bz… Users are always Losers… Company fight and we have to sacrifice .. In that way no more competition n no more user choice. I m a apple user and I m really looking out for enhanced OS in iPhone.. I m still waiting for that .. Bz the only thing hold me back is apple hard ware and user interface .. No one can beat just 1 and only 1 apple.

  • Absolutely. It is just like I said in the old thread. Before the iPhone pretty much everyone used a flip phone or a Blackberry. Obvious enough I think. They did a great job copying it though.

  • Eran Boodnero

    I agree with samsung’s comment saying that; “ultimately the american consumer will lose”. The real selling point of capitalism is that it allows for competition therefore forcing companies to innovate in order to stay in the game. I find this verdict as a direct breach of the American way. It is very possible that in the near future Samsung will create something that is unanimously agreed upon as being better than Apples products, but, either we wont get it here in America, or it just wont be created because of lack of funds due to this verdict. Shame on the judge.

  • I think that the perfect turning point for this patents war between apple and samsung would was a salomonic decision where no one prevailed. A statement for the players to stop once and for all and force the creation of a smartphone developers organism for regulate and standardize the technology to better the consumers, just like other industries that have established partnerships at some levels for establish standards and pointing technology R&D towards customer needs.

  • TeachMeHowToDougie

    imagine if you design or invented something and puts your mind and effort on it then someone just copy and sell it, would you still call it fair?? just sayin.

  • The trial was fair. Haters gonna hate! I’d like to point out to those people who are saying,”This will make other companies to move more carefully”. Let me some shed light on this. The design and shape of other Smartphone’s are far different than iPhone. Look at HTC One series…its different. LG its different. Sony Ericsson…it way different. Nokia….very different and the article says all the Smartphones have rounded corners. If all the Smartphones have rounded corners then why did Samsung mobiles had more sales than other Android devices?

    One more thing about the rounded corners, if you say that patent was lame then the jury should have ruled it out in the first place. All the Anti-Apple articles which are being published now are Fandroids. Can’t accept the fact Samsung blatantly copied iPhone’s features.

  • Guest

    Fair means accorded to law. If law is absurd, so is the verdict.

  • Juan Diego Molineaux

    Everything is a remix and this case is must of all is about money and profit.