It’s obvious that Apple has a “my house, my rules” kind of approach to managing its App Store. And it’s even more obvious that the company isn’t very fond of Google at the moment.

So it’s really no surprise that after three weeks, it has yet to approve the highly-anticpated Google Search update  — you know, the one that adds the Siri-like Google Now feature…

Earlier this month, Google announced that it would be bringing its new digital assistant from Android 4.1 over to iOS via an update to its Google Search app. But it has yet to materialize.

Computerworld reports:

“Two weeks ago today, Google announced it was bringing its Android 4.1-level Voice Search feature to Apple’s iOS platform. At the time, I raised what I called “the million-dollar question”: Would Apple ever actually allow this to happen?

Turns out my skepticism wasn’t completely unfounded. During its August 8 announcement, Google told reporters it expected the Voice Search app to hit the App Store within a few days. Two weeks later, we’ve got nothing but crickets.”

Apparently Google submitted the app for review around the first of August, making it nearly three weeks ago. And considering that the approval process generally only takes around 7 days, it certainly looks like Apple is dragging its feet here. The question is, why?

Well the App Store guidelines state that your app can’t duplicate a core functionality of iOS. Apple cited this rule as the reason why it avoided approving Google’s Voice app for over a year, and it seems like this Search update would fall in similar territory. But worse. Google’s Now search function isn’t just similar to Siri, it’s actually superior in a lot of ways.

Yeah, it’ll certainly be interesting to see what Apple decides to do here.

  • cool

  • selcukcura

    If it isnt allowed in the AppStore, I hope it appears in cydia one day.

    • i don’t think apple will refuse.

      • I’m sure Amazon will agree with you… they got along real cozy when Apple changed it’s rules on ebooks.

    • Wherever and whenever (if) it comes out, I’m assigning an Activator “long hold home button” action to open it instead of Siri.

      • Dan

        I’ve already got it assigned to google voice search. I’ll be doing the same thing if this thing comes out.

  • Wow that does seem a lot like Siri.

  • Outhig

    It looks really good, faster too!

    • If Siri worked like it did in the commercials, then there would be no reason to use this one from Google, but sadly, Siri works completely different for the consumer than it does for those celebrities in the commercials.

  • Not fair for the consumer 🙁

  • max

    Apple sometimes doesn’t play fair it’s like they are allergic to good competition. they only think about themselves not the end user.
    I’m just saying!

    • Its called business.
      If there is serious $$$ involved, don’t expect fair play.

  • Knowing apple
    they will approve it , AFTER! they make a better siri in the iOS 6 update ofcourse
    It’s gonna be a hell of a battle ^^

  • CollegiateLad

    Lol @ highly anticipated.

  • Siri isn’t available in every iOS device, so it wouldn’t duplicate a core funcionality of the OS because it doesn’t have it lol

  • CollegiateLad

    The only good thing about this app is that it potentially works on iOS devices that don’t run Siri. Looks like it only does web searches too. How many apps already duplicate this??

  • Gorgonphone

    siri is boring and the google imitation siri BS app is boring too..

  • Irfan Tarique

    If it isn’t allowed I’m not using iPhone anymore

  • It should be available for non Siri devices.that would be fair

  • Been checking every darn day, but I’ll honestly be surprised if it materializes at all.

  • Mark L

    This is a big pile of crapola that they will not approve this for non-Siri iPhones. Time for a creative Sherman anti-trust suit. This anti-competitive behavior would not fly in any other market. Vlingo does the same things as this and it did not have a problem getting approved.

  • dady king

    But whatever it is……..we have to agree that APPLE invent others follow. Apple is leader in its own way.. I really don’t care what people think

  • Irfan Tarique