U.S. carrier AT&T, the nation’s leading telco by subscribers, today shed more light on its upcoming shared data plans available to new and existing subscribers later this month. The new plans are designed to help folks share their cellular data across up to ten smartphones, tablets and other devices while enjoying unlimited voice minutes and text messages domestically. First hinted at in mid-July, the new plans will be officially put into effect on Thursday, August 23…

AT&T announced the new Mobile Share plans in a blog post.

Current customers, including business users, are not required to switch to the new plans. Should they decide to switch at some point, they can do so without a contract extension. All Mobile Share plans include mobile hotspot and tethering and provide free access to over 30,000 AT&T WiFi hotspots in the United States.

Shared data starts at $45 a month per smartphone plus an additional $40 for 1GB of data. You can choose your data allotment in 1/4/6/10/15/20GB tiers costing $40/$70/$90/$120/$160/$200. Adding a tablet to your plan will set you back an additional $10, or $20 in the case of a computer. Another smartphone with unlimited voice minutes and text messages will run your an additional $30 a month.

Here’s what the price matrix looks like.

Here’s your promo clip.

More information is available on AT&T’s website here.

Important caveat: you cannot pick a shared data plan for your iPad or a Mac only because AT&T mandates that at least one of the devices be a smartphone.

It’s nice that AT&T has kept existing plans so people are not being forced into Mobile Share plans, unlike Verizon which in late-June imposed new shared data plans on everyone.

What do you guys think?

  • Keith Eure

    I think it’s the same old AT&T. Yet another way to rape their customers. My GF and her 2 kids are on a family plan. All three have iphones. I am on my own plan, grandfathered unlimited. She pays over $300.00 a month for their current plan and I pay around $100.00 for mine. If my math is correct and we go with one of these new plans, that’s close to $400.00 a month!!!! That just sucks.

    • Wow

    • SyGood

      If your math is correct, nothing changes.

  • $40 to share 1GB of data ?! Sounds ridiculous to me

    • Exactly. I have family plan with just two phones. Right now for $50 I get 4GB of data. Not going to switch. No how, no way.

    • it’s beyond ridiculous! i pay $30 for 3gb now and i thought THAT was highway robbery! it may come down to paying full price for the iPhone and slapping it on Straight Talk for $45 a month.

    • All the plans come with unlimited talk and text, you’re not paying $40 just for 1 GB of data.

  • dp

    I have iphone and using unlimited plan text talk and data 2GB worth of $75.
    Now I got ipad and if I want 2gb data on it how much it will cost me?
    So phone plan text and talk $40 + Data for ipad $70 + tablet $10 = $120 for share data of 4gb between iphone and ipad?

  • im actually gonna switch! I get the same price and get tethering as well as unlimited talk! instead of 2gb/3 phones i have 6gb to share

  • When they throw a bunch of numbers at u like this they are trying to confuse u. And im sure none of these factor in the amount of hidden charges they will put in. Im not stupid and i still cant figure if shared plans are good or bad

  • Did I miss something? When did AT&T become the nations leading wireless company based on subscribers? I was pretty sure that was Verizon by a large margin. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  • Well it’s not for single users its for large number of phones. My current bill is about 300 that’s with 4 smart phones with data and one dumb phone. If I went with 6 gig which would be just fine for my group it would be 230 a month. For my smart phone and they all get tethering too which they don’t have now only I do. This way all 4 phones can share with the family iPad on trips which would normaly cost an extra 10 bucks. Also we go to unlimedt mins not a set amount.

  • Daniel Levi

    on verizon its 10 gb plan and you can add add a device to that plan for only 10 bucks a month

  • well that made it simple. AT&T just lost 1 more customer, me! when the new iPhone comes out i will be going to Verizon. they are just as expensive but at least you have more options than starting at 1gb then jumping to 4gb for $70? EFFE THAT! verizon 4g network is expanding constantly and has gotten within 10 miles of where i live, whereas it will be YEARS before AT&T gets to where i live. not to mention in the last 2 months my signal strength has gone from full bars to 1 or 2 bars, slow 3g speeds, network freezes…yeah AT&T can bite me. my friends with Verizon don’t experience the issues i do.

    this has just gotten beyond pathetic though. we grow more dependent upon our phones, they offer more and more services on the phones that make us want to use them and then they go and make it so restrictive to use these services because the cost becomes so prohibitive. they aren’t adding any cost on their end but charge us more and more. they provide no product, only service. it’s just outrageous how they rape and pillage us and we’ve become so addicted that we bend over for them.

  • Another reason i love and will stay with my unlimited data.

  • teqblog

    Who cares? I already moved 3 numbers to StraightTalk, still using 3 iPhones on AT&T network via StraightTalk, paying $135 for three lines, unlimited everything. Same AT&T network with equal converge! Top of that I was surprised to see cosumer reports recommends StraightTalk and recommends switching to prepaid from postpaid. Even if you purchase your iPhones directly from Apple at a full price, you will be saving money with prepaid plans. As of now, you will lose MMS and Visualvoice mail, but can live with alternatives such as email and youmail for voicemail.