Two months ago a video made rounds comparing side-by-side the current iPhone 4S front panel to a 4.07-inch panel allegedly belonging to a sixth-generation iPhone. Another video showing off a partially assembled device scrapped together from the allegedly leaked parts also piqued our interest.

And now, a new clip hits the Interwebs comparing the front panel of the current iPhone 4S and the rumored iPhone 5. Some of the stuff that we gleaned from the seven-minute clip include a centered FaceTime camera and a taller display with a 16:9 aspect ratio, which aligns nicely with the previously leaked schematics. More findings right below…

iPhoneinCanada points to the clip and a series of images highlighting the differences between the two parts. MacRumors observes that “not only is the new part taller than the corresponding iPhone 4S part but it is also 0.1 mm thinner and offers more light transmittance and more scratch resistance than its counterpart”.

Here’s that clip.

The video is made by iPhone parts company ETrade Supply so it’s entirely possible the company is simply looking to get some free press. As such, the report and the video should be taken with a grain of salt.

ETrade Supply also notes that the hole for the home button is 0.3mm smaller in diameter than the hole on the iPhone 4S and that the area around the home button of the iPhone 5 glass lens narrows down, indicating a smaller loud speaker on the next iPhone.

Here is the top part.

Notice the slightly narrower camera hole on the FaceTime glass lens of the iPhone 5 front panel. The light sensor hole is moved from the top to the left side of receiver and is also noticeably smaller. The site also claims that the iPhone 5 front part is more scratch-resistant than its iPhone 4S counterpart.

Size differences: the iPhone 4S is 76.65mm x 51.60mm with a 3.6-inch display that’s 1mm thick versus a taller 90.25mm x 51.60mm appearance for the iPhone 5 part, with the display area measuring 4.065 inches diagonally and the glass being 0.9mm thick.

The 0.1mm thinner display likely is the result of in-cell technology that eliminates a layer by building the capacitors inside the LCD assembly itself.

The transmittance of the iPhone 5 glass lens is higher than that of the iPhone 4S.

Perhaps the biggest change: the iPhone 5 display is now close to 16:9 versus the 3:2 aspect ratio for the current iPhone.

Feel free to post your observations down in the comments.

  • notewar

    Look like we are going to have a longer screen design.

  • It’s BS !!

  • Thank god the phone isn’t that slim, I dont think it will look cool if it looked like a remote control

  • This article does not load properly on iPhone.

    • Correction: This article does not load properly on YOUR iPhone.

      • He’s gunna need a a Burn Heal after that one! Lol /s

  • SimonReidy

    If the screen is indeed larger and higher resolution which all leaks have indicated, it’s surprising we haven’t seen any display specs leaks, confirming a specific resolution (AFAIK we’ve only seen ‘guesstimates’ of what the resolution might be?). I guess that’s something Apple would work at extra hard to keep under wraps, but then again we saw leaks confirming the resolution of the iPhone 4 and the new iPad before they were officially announced.

    • resolution will be same as 4 and 4s but with improved tech that is in ipad 3 that makes better color saturation..

      • SimonReidy

        If the aspect ratio changes to 16×9, the resolution must also change. That’s just common sense. There needs to be extra pixels to accommodate the screen’s new height.

    • because we are unsure if apple will go with IGZO @498ppi or stay with the current display technology right now the DPI for the iphone 5 would be: Display size: 3.54″ × 2″ (9cm × 5.07cm) = 320.76
      PPI, 0.0792mm dot pitch, 102885 PPI²

      • SimonReidy

        Thanks Maxim∑ . That makes sense. High hopes for IGZO!

  • Am I the only person who noticed the guy in the video was wearing Finger Gloves…?

    • JerseyD

      Yes. You were the only one.

  • Zorvage

    This guy is using chinees condoms.

  • Steve Jobs must b enjoying all these mockups up there ;D

  • Primo Sidone

    Longer screen yet same width? Looks weird to me, kinda like a remote control. Really hope this is not an authentic part. If the screen’s gonna be longer, it should also be wider.

    • yeah very sad design choice by apple.. looks like it was don for production cost and profit maximizing reasons.. i get he feeling that this “new” design will be re using he same factory set ups that are already in place for the iphon 4 and 4s…

    • jdshorrock

      It brings the display closer to 16:9. Same aspect ratio as a widescreen TV.

      • Primo Sidone

        Most of the iphone experience does not involve warching video. A narrow screen would feel weird when not watching video, which is MOST of the time.

    • Sachin

      Yes very true. I agree it kinda looks odd…..not like an apple product.

  • That gloves look familiar…!! :/

  • i’m pretty sure thats fake.

  • I’m I hearing things or did that dude just say “thanks for your weewee” at the end of the video?? (lol) All jokes aside, this proves the old theory that bigger is always better!!! Can’t wait!

  • Sachin

    Screen size looks weird…i mean its not wider.