Partially assembled next-gen iPhone appears on video

The tech world was set on fire yesterday with images of what appeared to be a nearly-assembled next-generation iPhone. While we’ve seen similar parts, separately, over the past few months, put together they seemed to carry a lot more weight.

But if you’re still having a hard time with the proposed two-tone design, or feel like it doesn’t differ enough from its predecessor, you may want to check out this video. It shows the claimed partially assembled next-gen iPhone in all of its glory…


As you can see, the parts in the video look very similar to the ones we saw in yesterday’s images (they may even be the same ones). First the camera zooms in on the inside of the back panel, then the front is added, and finally we see a side view.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this clip is that it shows the new iPhone in a person’s hands. This gives us a better idea of the size of the device. And as far as we can tell, it’s taller than the current model, and considerably thinner.

The screen in particular is noticeably elongated, and is roomy enough to fit the rumored 4-inch Retina display. The device is also slimmer than its predecessor, likely thanks to its in-cell touch panel and smaller dock connector. Previous reports have suggested that the sixth-generation iPhone is 7.6mm thin, compared to the 9.7mm iPhone 4S.

So what we’re [potentially] looking at here is a new iPhone with a larger display, a much thinner profile — 2mm thinner, so imagine as thin as the metal band by itself from the iPhone 4/4S — and substantially upgraded internals, including LTE and a faster processor. Oh, and it also has a newly-designed back plate which you may or may not like.

Sounds good to us.

Of course, we won’t know for sure what the real thing looks like until we see it waived on stage at a media event. But at least we don’t have long to wait. Apple is expected to unveil the new iPhone on Wednesday, September 12.