A university in Taiwan has sued Apple over its use of dictation feature in Siri and the underlying speech recognition engine, claiming Apple’s implementation violates its patents. National Cheng Kung University has on Monday launched a lawsuit against the iPhone maker and is seeking undisclosed damages, though its lawyers noted that any calculation would be based on Apple’s U.S. sales of devices that use Siri, quite possibly amounting to millions of dollars in damages…

Reuters has the story:

Taiwan’s National Cheng Kung University said on Monday it had launched a suit alleging that Apple’s use of Siri in its iPhone and future versions of its iPad infringes two U.S. patents it was granted in 2007 and 2010 that relate to voice-to-text technology.

The suit was filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Marshall Division, on Friday, it said.

This is the second lawsuit from Asia targeting Siri.

Earlier in the month, Shaghai-based Zhi Zhen Network Technology filed a lawsuit against Apple, asserting that Siri infringes upon its Xiaoi Bot patent which outlines an instant messaging chat bot system of sorts.

Here’s that bot in action.

Dictation via Siri has been present on the iPhone 4S since last November. It’s also been enabled on Macs with Mountain Lion installed and will come to the third-generation iPad when iOS 6 gets released this fall.

Apple licenses Nuance technology for Siri’s speech recognition. Nuance is said to have the most intellectual property in speech synthesis technologies in the industry. The company ran two billion annual “voice transactions”, which excludes Siri, its marketing chief  Peter Mahoney told The Telegraph back in May.

Nuance is also in the process of acquiring Vlingo, which powers Samsung’s Siri variant for the Galaxy S III handset. Siri the service initially used Vlingo’s voice technology.

How do you feel about the National Cheng Kung University’s lawsuit?

  • more BS companies trying to grab some of apples money.. Im gonna sue apple cause i like apples and i feel like that name should be reserved for that fruit only not a company..lol

    • Kok Hean

      I don’t think the companies are “BS” as you stated. If Apple can sue others with US patents, shouldn’t it be logical that they can be sued with US patents as well?

      • goofygreek

        Yes, it should. But the apple fanboys will think differently.

  • There just taking the piss now..

  • Haha everyone wants to get money from Apple, seems like other bad guys out there almost walks by without lifting any threat at all… Good times for those who steals most, good times…

  • y didnt the taiwaneseees see siri 1 year ago?????????what happened that time….i cant believe this….:

    • goofygreek

      its possible they were comparing and testing out siri to make sure they actually had a valid case before suing a company that could literally rape them. At least, i would be smart enough to test out siri enough to the point of making sure it does what my patents are meant for. And then i would sue. As for them not suing about that feature a long time ago, its possible they didnt know about it. I didnt even know about siri until apple bought them and added it to the iphone.

  • After installing CyanogenMod 9 on my HP touchpad (nice effin tablet now, smooth) I used google voice. Let me tell you she was ACURATE to the T. And it was not really optimized for that tablet, I was impressed. Siri needs some Hefty improvements! And this lawsuit won’t change anything for us the USER (Tron plug haha) “so say we all” !!! (BSG plug for you non nerds)

  • Jose Cheong

    Finally someone stands up to stupid Apple, I hope more people start suing Apple. You started it, don’t try to blaim others.