Apple released OS X Mountain Lion some 36 hours ago exclusively via the Mac App Store at a breakthrough price of just $19.99 a copy, with rights to install the operating system on up to five different Macs authorized with the same Apple ID account.

If yesterday’s poll is anything to go by, you seem to be appreciating the bang Mountain Lion is offering for your buck, with nearly 80 percent of respondents saying that the software is worth its asking price.

But assessing the perceived value of a piece of software is one thing and actually taking the plunge is an entirely different matter. Today’s poll, yet another YES/NO survey per popular demand, asks a simple question, whether or not you’ve bought Mountain Lion yet…

I purchased my copy late yesterday and the installer was downloading throughout the night (I’m blogging from the Adriatic coast these days and my broadband here sucks balls). I didn’t get around installing it yet, that’s something I usually leave for the end of play.

That doesn’t matter as we just wanna know if the money changed hands.

So, did you buy Mountain Lion or not?

Feel free to share your reasons for / against buying Mountain Lion down in the comments.

  • No.

  • *Ahem* … Where’s the poll? 🙂

    BTW: yeah, of course I bought it

  • Christina Bryan

    Yeah, I bought it and was disappointed to see that CandyBar wasn’t updated yet. For those stuck in a similar position, LiteIcon will get you by. As for Mountain Lion, well worth the $20 as it really unifies iOS and your desktop/laptop.

  • Yan Kar

    i bought it , i could afford it. I really don’t use any of those 199 features.
    The only feature i was need it is airplay.

  • Not yet waiting to find out about compatability with other program’s befor I update

  • yesss

  • JerseyD

    No. I don’t have a Mac.

    Where’s the poll though?

    • JerseyD

      I get voted down because I don’t own a Mac? Ok

      • Kurt Lewis

        i voted you up bud

  • Manuel Molina

    Nah – staying on Snow Leopard.

  • I bought it and I am really happy with it.
    I have a late 2010 MB Pro 13” and it work much faster than Lion.

  • My hardware (2008 Alu MacBook) is too old for AirPlay.
    Not buying it.

  • YujinNY

    Got it yesterday no issues everything working as planned

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah buddy!

  • Howard Ellacott

    I bought it just for the new dock, which is beautiful! 😉

  • Yes, it feels faster when opening a picture in preview or right click> change background. Love it

  • bought it… the pain is waiting to download it on a slow internet connection

  • M Last

    I bought it, Love it!
    much faster than Lion & really smooth

  • Imahottguy

    I totally bought it. Well worth $20 IMO. I have the last MB (A1342) and was a bit bummed to see that my hardware did not support the airplay mirroring. However, after demoing AirParrot for a couple of minutes I was sold, only $10 is a great deal. I imagine that the people who make AirParrot are seeing a surge in downloads and hopefully sales with the release of ML. The dictation feature is pretty slick too, especially since you don’t have to train or anything like that. Also, the shortcut for it- double press fn- is very nice; I like that I do not have to go out of my way to turn it on. Also, I’m so happy I can finally view my notes on my computer. It’s not terribly useful, but it is nice that I can access them now. Also safari is much snappier now, as is the system in general. It really feels faster and lighter. I already enjoyed my mac with Lion on it, and the new additions/changes are welcome. I have only been using ML for a day, and I am sure that I will find some annoyances, but so far so good

    TL;DR: It’s worth it, as long as you have a newer mac that supports the headlining features, like Airplay mirroring. Feels good and snappy.

  • james_prass

    I needed a clean re-install of OS X so I was like “whatever I’ve got to do it anyways!” Mid 2009 MacBook pro running faster and smoother than when I first got it :))

    • Same here except i have a late 2009 iMac and had to upgrade from Snow Leopard. Love the new clean installed Mountain Lion!

    • james did the airplay function for your macbook pro? i have the same model but i didn’t buy the OS yet.

  • Yes, I bought it. The speed bump over Lion alone was worth the $20. And the release of the “Hiss” app to push growl notifications to notification center made the upgrade even sweeter.

  • no 🙁 Apple’s stupid up to date program didn’t email me back yet!!!

    • Same here! This is ridiculous, its been DAYS -_-.

    • Same here! so much for a fast update… although I think this is God’s way of telling me not to upgrade (I use my Mac to DJ, so I can’t really update without seeing if there are any side effects)

      • alexanderlyd

        its been THREE days for me but i finally got the email. dont panic people i was thinking the same

  • christodouluke

    yep, bought it. Now I’m pulling my hair out trying to install it on my hackintosh.

  • yes of course.

  • Jairo Duque


  • Alec Vanek

    I got it but i didn’t buy it. I have a 2012 non retina macbook pro so i got it for free

  • The only Apple products I use are the iDevices. Don’t want a Mac and probably never will. Such is life.

  • I would have it installed but still waiting on my redemption code. Going on 36 hours now. Love Apple but this is a FAIL!

  • JaeM1llz

    Didn’t buy it, got it as a free upgrade for my 2012 MBP. Loving it so far, only issue so far is that it does not want to play nice with Connect360.

  • HC

    The same day! I’ve been waiting for this upgrade. I even tried the first development beta when that was released.

  • Yep

  • Sure did and I love it!

  • NO!!
    I am testing Mountain Lion GM for two weeks now and for me it isn’t worth buying. AirPlay mirroring doesn’t work on my 2010 MacBook, notification center is worthless without push support for messages, I hate facebookintegration (its a bug not a feature!!!), fullscreen apps with two displays still doesn’t work (WTF???), iCloud Tabs is useless till October when iOS 6 is final, PowerNap works only for MacBook Air/Retina, Gatekeeper and GameCenter = useless for me, …

    I bought Lion last year and was disappointed so I downgraded to Snow Leopard and regretted spending my money for Lion. I’m using OS X since 10.1 and was really happy about almost every major release but since the updates got cheaper the features got crappier…
    If I had a newer MacBook or an Air I would gladly pay for Mountain Lion.

  • Ken Oliver

    I bought it and can’t see those 200 updates, notifications are ok, but thats about all I can see for my £14, Mail is still the same clunky experience, and safari is catching up on Chrome slowly, but as an Apple Fan I paid my money but on this update I get no WOW factor at all 🙁

  • slowdeath


  • I didn’t buy it, I got it as GM Seed from my Developer Account…

  • Moved to australia, need a £0 uk itunes balance to change it over to the australian stores and seemed like a good way to wipe it clean… I might use airplay if i get an ATV3 – other than that, just the principal of it being the latest version was enough for me to download

  • Is just 15,99 in Germany why not to get it for what it offers!!!!!

  • Aaron de Silva

    Is there a way to install it on more than 5?

  • Thomas Gehman

    Nope didn’t buy cause I don’t have a Mac.

  • Not yet, not sure if i should or shouldn’t because Lion was very slow, it made my imac freeze all the time. But i’ve seen good reviews, maybe by the end of august when i come back from vacation, might actually buy it.

  • I would if I had Mac, 🙁 tried Installing it on an Asus UL30VT-X1, didn’t work, graphics failed and wifi won’t work, oh well I guess I have to buy another computer “cough cough hopefully Mac”