Poll: did you buy Mountain Lion?

Apple released OS X Mountain Lion some 36 hours ago exclusively via the Mac App Store at a breakthrough price of just $19.99 a copy, with rights to install the operating system on up to five different Macs authorized with the same Apple ID account.

If yesterday’s poll is anything to go by, you seem to be appreciating the bang Mountain Lion is offering for your buck, with nearly 80 percent of respondents saying that the software is worth its asking price.

But assessing the perceived value of a piece of software is one thing and actually taking the plunge is an entirely different matter. Today’s poll, yet another YES/NO survey per popular demand, asks a simple question, whether or not you’ve bought Mountain Lion yet…

I purchased my copy late yesterday and the installer was downloading throughout the night (I’m blogging from the Adriatic coast these days and my broadband here sucks balls). I didn’t get around installing it yet, that’s something I usually leave for the end of play.

That doesn’t matter as we just wanna know if the money changed hands.

So, did you buy Mountain Lion or not?

Feel free to share your reasons for / against buying Mountain Lion down in the comments.