Poll: is Mountain Lion worth its asking price?

As you know, Apple today released OS X Mountain Lion. It will run you only twenty bucks a copy, which includes rights to install the operating system on up to five different Macs. Mountain Lion builds upon its predecessor Lion in that it streamlines your experience with additional iOS tricks, deep integration with iCloud, Facebook and Twitter and interesting new capabilities such as PowerNap and Gatekeeper, to name a few.

It also includes a handful of apps ported from iOS, such as iMessage, Reminders, Notes, Game Center and Notification Center, in the hope that it’ll help new Mac owners get up to speed quickly. At that breakthrough price, Mountain Lion should be a no-brainer. But as is often the case, the price is a reflection of the product’s perceived value.

For some, Mountain Lion is worth every cent. There are also those who feel that even twenty bucks is too high a price for an OS that underwhelms with just a handful of truly new features while spoiling the fun by insisting on a bunch of glorified iOS apps with that forced skeuomorphic design.

Which camp do you belong to?

Here, cast your vote and remember that Mountain Lion is only $19.99, or less than two weeks worth of lattes.

By the way, OS X is an eleven-year old operating system – doesn’t time fly?

Speaking of Mountain Lion, don’t hesitate to detail your vote down in the comments and let us know if you installed it yet. If so, we’d also love to hear your first impressions and perhaps your take on new Mountain Lion features that could use a little extra work.