A new rumor published by a French site claims that Apple will release the next iPhone on Friday, September 21, 2012.

If you believe this story whose veracity couldn’t be verified at press time, this date pertains to the U.S. launch, as well as parts of Europe and China.

With October approaching fast, no wonder folks are making all kinds of prediction. The consensus out there is that Apple will release the next iPhone by October, approximately a year after it had brought the iPhone 4S to market…

App4phone (via Cult of Mac), a French blog, wrote in an exclusive report on Monday (machine-translated):

While the track’s August 7 logically begins to cool, we learned from our source that the future iPhone would be launched in September 2012, specifically September 21, 2012 .

This date sticks rather well with Planned Apple, knowing that the iPhone 4S was made available in mid-October 2011.

This September 21 concerns the United States, a part of Europe (including France and the United States), and China.

We’re not keeping our fingers crossed for this one, mainly because App4phone’s track record hasn’t been established. Know Your Mobile recently asserted the handset would launch on August 7, but the usually well-informed Jim Dalrymple of The Loop shot down that silly rumor with a simple ‘nope’.

The last we heard from DigiTimes, another unreliable publication, and Macotakara (a pretty credible blog) is that contract manufacturer Pegatron has begun production of the iPhone 5 at its Shanghai, Eastern China facility.

However, these reports run contrary to what “trusted sources” told Boy Genius Report (another publication whose track record as of late also is a mixed bag of hits and misses), that the device hasn’t gone past the engineering verification phase.

The rumor-mill seems to agree that the iPhone 5 will have a four-inch display, 4G LTE radios and an all-new case design. And if Reuters is to be trusted, you’ll probably be throwing all your accessories in the garbage because it’ll have a smaller dock connector.

What do you make of this September 21 date?

  • I will believe when apple comfirms!!! As of now, alot of “hopes” exist. Maybe they all come true. Maybe none of them come true. Just wait and see…

  • I don’t think so

  • Would be great, because it’s my birthday ^^

    • Don Reid

      thats my birthday too that would be awesome for us!!!

      • seyss

        mine too!! hhahaaa it’s everybody’s bday

  • jose castro

    it will come out like all the other iphones

  • Don Reid

    I hope so

  • Rumor: iPhone 5 will come out someday

  • If this is true, I know what I’m getting for my birthday! Considering the 21st is my birthday…

  • Who cares about all the Rumours… Apple will tell us when its going to be released..

  • “This September 21 concerns the United States, a part of Europe (including France and the United States), and China.” Do you mean United Kingdom?!

  • The 21st is my birthday 😀

  • Maybe we should start calling it “The New iPhone” instead of iPhone 5 🙂

  • Irfan Tarique