The original Dashboard X was a fairly monumental tweak for jailbroken iOS devices, because it brought true widgets to the iPhone and iPad’s Home screen.

Dashboard X 2.0, the follow up to the hit release, is aiming to build on all of the things the original Dashboard X did well, while fixing the things it didn’t do so well.

This time around you can resize widgets using pinch gestures, and you can position widgets on both portrait and landscape orientations independently of one another.

Simply put, this is an awesome follow up to an already great jailbreak tweak. Check inside for the full video walkthrough…

One thing you should know is that Dashboard X 2.0 was completely re-written from the ground up, so it’s not just a pile on of new features on top of non-optimized code.

Along with the two previously mentioned big features, there’s also a brand new pop up menu that replaces that somewhat archaic sheet menu present in the original version. I find that this new pop up menu takes a lot of the pain out of adding new widgets, it’s not nearly as cumbersome as before.

I also like the fact that there is a new “replace background” option that will ditch the background of the widget in favor of one that’s deemed more appealing for the Home screen.

Last but not least, I really appreciate the new animations, which make the overall experience seem more complete and Apple like.

As you’ll no doubt come to realize after using it, this, and many other more changes grace the upcoming release of Dashboard X 2.0. Here’s the full change log for your enjoyment:

  • Dropped the alert for deleting widgets.
  • Pop over for adding a new widget on the iPad.
  • Resizing widgets (two finger pinch).
  • New animations for adding a new widget on iPhone.
  • ‘Suck’ animation when removing widgets.
  • In ‘Add New Widget’ dialog widgets no longer have “_” in their names.
  • Compatibility with no dots tweak.
  • Option to ‘replace background’ — replaces widgets’ backgrounds with a nicer ones.
  • When in wiggle mode and moving widgets, a tap and hold is required before actually moving the widget, like with normal app icons.
  • Different positions for different orientations on the iPad (on home screen).
  • Dashboard screen supports all (landscape right, left and portrait upside down) orientations.

Indeed, as you can see, Dashboard X is a absolute marvelous update, and speaks volumes for how hard the developer (@cjori) has been working away to prepare a great release. Honestly, Ori is quickly becoming one of my favorite developers. If you ask me, his tweaks firmly put him in an elite class of Cydia developers.

Dashboard X 2.0 isn’t out yet, but once it is released it will be a free upgrade for existing users. For those who haven’t purchased it yet, don’t worry, the price remains the same as the initial version — $1.99 on Cydia’s ModMyi repo.

What do you think about the latest Dashboard X update? If you haven’t purchased it before, would you be willing to consider it now?

  • I had really bad experience with the first version on my 3GS, a lot of crashes, widgets disappearing without the ability to remove and need to reinstall all with cydia (I mean even the NC tweaks that I used as the widget that disappeared)

    • iPhone 3GS has only 256MB of RAM. It cannot support widgets that well like the iPhone 4 and 4S can

      • On the contrary, NCSettings with Dashboard X worked perfectly on my iPod.

      • I have around 100-120mb of free RAM most of the times(not running anything) and with Dashboard X the lowest available RAM I had was around 65mb so it is not due to low memory

    • ThisBrian

      I think it had a few bugs in the beginning, I was having crashes before a few updates came out. You may try it again.

  • looks great! the dev really put a lot effort into this version. gj

  • If you make a widget bigger on landscape mode and and than make it smaller in normal mode will the size change when returning back to landscape mode?

    • No, the size of the widget isn’t dynamic; that’s actually one of the first things I tried to do. That would be a nice feature though, maybe Ori can implement that?

  • I say we are about to loose another member of the jailbreak community to apple…

  • jose castro

    Jeff does resizing work with iphone as well?

    • Yes, resizing works on the small screen as well.

      • Unfortunately resizing is not working if you are using barrel and that is a big deal for me.

  • This and the mountain centre are the only tweaks i actually didnt pirate. I regret mountain centre but not this one !

  • seyss

    How about rearranging icons to fit the widgets anywhere without overlapping? Just think how Apple would’ve done it….

    • maurid

      As in… Jelly Bean?

  • This really only makes sense in the iPad because on iPhones the screen is so small, that it would occupy the whole thing… 🙁

  • I just included a screenshot of Dashboard X 2.0 running on the iPhone in the post above. Notice the resized widgets.

    • Kok Hean


    • Jeff, what widgets do you suggest me to use ? I use iPad. Thanks

  • Dan

    It’s a nice tweak but I haven’t found any good widgets yet. I keep hoping they will come out with a HTC animated weather clock widget or even a decent calendar widget.

    • chjode

      Aye, I’d like to see a list of good widgets. Can I find them in Cydia if I want new widgets?

  • tim

    I was hoping for barrel compatibility. in the way that the widgets join in on the animations. (I know it couldnt work for some animations eg curl and roll away).

    also, I agree with you Jeff, he is definitely in the elite dev class.

  • I hope in 2.0 you’re able to put the widgets on any page instead of just first or last.

    • ThisBrian

      I able to put widgets on any page, not sure why you couldn’t on yours.

  • I wish Dashboard X had compatibility with HTML/JS widgets. Then maybe I wouldn’t have to use Winterboard/PerPageHTML/iWidgets in addition to Dashboard X.

  • @JeffBenjam:disqus aww no video >< was hoping for one

  • Very awesome, can’t wait til the update is released! When will we see a review of AnyLock, which allows widgets on the lockscreen?

  • Hey jeff any chance of this working with sbrotator 6?

  • Myers

    Cool much better than the first version

  • I think Dashboard X it’s a little bit useless for iPhone / iPod touch.

    • Get HomeSpringPage. It’s a first page you can dedicate to widgets. I have a music widget, weather, and time on it. Really nice. (:

  • Really can’t wait for the update to come!
    THis is too cool

  • Does this compatible with Iconoclasm? Barrel?

  • I’d certainly pay for this beautiful built and stable looking tweak. I will be buying it upon release..

  • Irfan Tarique

    What happened to safari ?

  • Michelle Levick

    is dashboard x 2.0 compatible with Iphone 3 gs which is Jailbroken. I have Dashboard x already, how do I upgrade to 2.0, I went to Cydia but could not find anything.

  • Can someone please help me? My music player widget disapears sometimes but if i hut the sleep button and unlock its there. Anyone kno why?

  • Jeff.Is is possiable to have the weather widget on top the icons instead of below >