Ever since Samsung unveiled its new Galaxy S III earlier this year, we’ve seen the handset compared to the iPhone 4S in a number of different ways, including specs, voice control features, and even durability.

But up until now, we’ve yet to see a comparison like this. A new report is out this week claiming that Apple’s latest smartphone has been found to emit 3 times more radiation than Samsung’s S III handset…

Tawkon, the developers of the radiation-measuring jailbreak app of the same name, has released a new report regarding the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate – measure of the rate of absorption in the human body) levels of some of today’s most popular smartphones. And here’s the results:

The long-term effects of the radiation emitted by cell phones is a topic that has been debated for decades. There’s a number of conflicting reports out on the subject, but nothing really concrete or definite.

The FCC does regulate this though, and has set a maximum SAR level (which all of these phones above fall way under). Expect to hear a lot more on this matter, as cell phone users continue to grow older.

[Cult of Android]

  • Wonder why my hair was falling out!

    • And also repeating yourself…lol..

  • Wondered why my hair was falling out!

    • YujinNY

      Nah, you are just getting bald

      • Jeri Cho


        Plus my Doctor told me it’s a good sign that you have a healthy sex life.

      • Actually it’s got to do with the free testosterone in your body (bad testosterone) that makes you go bald, nothing to do with your sex life, although if you have a really good sex life it would produce more test and more bad so would just make matters worse πŸ™‚

    • Brandon- LOL!!!

      Well, the debate continues!

      Just use common sense, and assume that the radiation will harm you – better “safe than sorry” I always say!

      So, use a bluetooth headset – or at least a wired headset to keep the handset away from your head. And Brandon will keep more of his hair, because that bald spot only around your right ear is a bit strange dude! LOL

      Also, if you wear your phone on a belt holster, try to keep it out of your holster as much as possible. When I’m at work, I keep my phone on my desk. When I’m in the car, I keep it in a tray. You get the idea.

      Small things and precautions like this will add up over time and protect you if it is ever revealed that these microwave energy emissions are high enough to cause harm (think Tobacco Industry from the 1950’s).

  • In other words: You’ve got cancer.

  • Just another in a long list of reasons to switch to Galaxy Nexus.

    • why do you read this blog if you are obviously just a Fandroid?

      • Because I have an iPhone and I’m looking for ways how to improve it? Previous versions of Android haven’t really impressed me that much. But now, Jelly Bean is out and Android is better than ever, and where is Apple? I’m kind of tired of relying on a few people willing to release a jailbreak tool that will let me do something other than just change the damn wallpaper. Android doesn’t require me to hack it in order for it to do pure basics.

      • Falk M.

        Totally understand you.
        In fact, when the Nexus becomes cheaper (as in, justifiable for a secondary system to tinker with) I’ll be getting one, too.
        Simply because I like tinkering with OSs and devices.
        I’m a tech guy overall, not just an Apple fan.

        Oh and yes, I will be getting the next iPhone, too.
        See, you can live in both worlds. πŸ™‚

      • That is exactly what I’m looking forward to – living in both worlds. Having a Mac, and occasionally running Windows for other things. Also, having an Android and an iOS device… That would be absolutely perfect.
        But what annoys me the most are people who call me a fanboy for me honestly speaking my mind. My mind = blown at how funny people can be.

      • Falk M.

        All power to you! πŸ™‚

      • Kok Hean

        Get the Galaxy Nexus!

      • maurid

        This question, albeit asked very often, doesn’t really make much sense, since he could be interested in Apple news, while at the same time being involved in the Android community. So, in the same way I’ve felt when asked this very question before, I believe you should go to hell.

  • MichaelDCarney

    Total Rubbish. There is no scientifically valid information in this whatsoever. They fail to even clarify if they are talking about ionizing or non-ionizing radiation! They are also not using any form of real detection – just a power calculation – so if an iPhone user makes more calls they account for more “radiation”

    This whole comparison is totally flawed and not at all relivent to the real world!

    What total nonsense!

    • maurid

      Maybe researchers had access to such scientifically valid information, and you just don’t. So it becomes pretty clear to us all that you’re just one more angry iPhone user that can’t tolerate a truth fact.

      • Rubbish. I own two Google Nexus phones and only 1 iPhone. Facts are pretty simple – non-ionizing radiation is the kind that is not harmful for the most part – the term radiation here does not in any way mean radioactive. In hundreds of studies there is zero evidence of harm so far. These phones are less powerful today than they were in the 80s – and have been in heavy use for 2 out of three decades. In spite of exponential growth during that time there is no corresponding growth it any possibly related disease. It seems that you speak out of ignorance of the facts based on conjecture and not actual information by reading any of the studies involved. good luck with that

      • Nice to hear your opinion.

      • Kok Hean

        This is great, so the radiation isn’t harmful?

      • I love how you assume just because the study doesn’t say which type of radiation it is you seem to be going (or leading that way at least) its the non harmful type, apple fan boy much?

  • Anyplace on the internet to get all the phones listed

  • My yellow lab poops 3 times more than my golden retriever in any given day. What’s the point??

  • Coming from a ex apple fan boy. Sold 4s got one x and now gs3. I don’t think I will ever buy another iPhone. The gs3 is superior in every way. Task and ktoons AOKP with cobalt theme is bada$$

    • Good riddens. Enjoy your soon to be obsolete GS3 later this fall. lmfao

    • Andrew Nasiatka

      And this is on topic why?? Why do people have to bash Droid or iOS on every topic… This is about the radiation; last time I checked, it does not matter the theme you have installed on your phone to whether or not it would be higher on radiation. Just saying.

  • Dan

    we’re all going to die from something right?

  • Falk M.

    AFAIK it has been proven that all this “cell phones will toast your brain” stuff is nonsense FUD.

    So if anything, more sending power to the masts, no? πŸ˜€
    (please correct me if I’m wrong)

  • It’s a tough call. I could keep exposing myself to radiation (which could possibly result in death), or get rid of my iPhone and have major separation anxiety (also could result in death)…

  • iphones always have more radiation

  • Knowitall

    Some interesting comments : “we’re all gonna die from something, right?” this is the typical retort from smokers and heavy drinkers. Right, but it doesn’t have to be sped up and encouraged by blindly ignoring medical facts.

    With mobiles, the jury is out, but it’s better to use the loudspeaker than not, better to carry it than put it in your pocket etc. In 20 years we will know for sure, but by then you may be dead wrong.

    • Dan

      I was saying that as a joke, it seems like everything gives cancer these days. I’m not a smoker nor a heavy drinker πŸ˜‰

      • Knowitall

        Dan, sorry if I offended, I was talking generally. Unfortunately the rate of most cancers are increasing, and scientists are trying to find out why and even sometimes come out with contradictory claims which only adds to more confusion. It’s good to take note of what is bad and try to avoid them without going overboard.

      • Dan

        No offense taken, it’s true and I agree πŸ™‚

  • Wael Abdo

    hello brain cancer…

  • Whatever happened, I will be always Apple fan-boy forever πŸ™‚

  • So,it wasn’t the wind I felt every time I put my iPhone in my pocket? ;p

  • Falk M.

    Alright then.

    Nah, my brain never hurts when I’m on the phoneand I’m a long talker with unlimited minutes.

    But fair enough.

  • Not even brain cancer would convince me to swap iOS for Android

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  • WHAT THE HELL IS THE PROBLEM WITH RADIATION!!!!!! So what if it could give me health issues. I’m not moving to an android device. The Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard frightens me..

  • Gerry Yanzon

    I don’t know but I smell the aroma of marketing in this post. >:) It hits me hard a lot because I am using 2 blackberry phones and an iPhone. Good thing is that all of my phones have cases. I hope the cases can decrease the radiation.

  • There was a study done in Sweden that showed the side of the head you held the mobile / cell up to has 200 times the chance to develop tumours than the other side or not using the mobile / cell at all.

    • Hyr3m

      Thanks for the info mate! I’ll try to find that study… Could be pretty handy in my field of work ^^