Proponents of the idea that Apple won’t make an “iPad Mini” due to the lack of demand for smaller tablets, may want to rethink their position. Several major retailers are reporting lightning fast sellouts of Nexus 7 stock.

For those who came in late, the Nexus 7 is Google’s recently-unveiled 7-inch slate. And between its high-end components and $199 price tag, some folks believe that it could pose a serious threat to Apple’s tablet marketshare…

Reuters is reporting that several major US retailers, including GameStop, Staples, and Sam’s Club have quickly sold through their initial stock of Nexus 7 tablets:

“GameStop said on Friday it had already run through its first two allocations of the tablet, co-developed by Google and Taiwan’s Asustek that starts at $199 and has drawn glowing reviews from major gadget reviewers.

Sam’s Club, the warehouse chain owned by Wal-Mart Stores Inc, and Staples listed the device as being out of stock on their websites as of Friday. Office Depot’s website continued to offer the device for sale as of the afternoon.”

Of course, the true test for the Nexus 7 will be whether or not it can sustain this kind of popularity. Remember, Amazon’s Kindle Fire was met with similar enthusiasm last fall, but sales have since dramatically tapered off.

Nevertheless, the commotion seems to have gotten Apple’s attention. After more than a year of rumors that the company had a sub-8-inch iPad in its labs, with no idea on whether or not it was going to release it, it appears that it’s finally ready to pull the trigger. Recent reports from both Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal claim we’ll see the tablet by the end of the year.

It’ll be interesting to see what Apple has come up with here. We know that it can do the high-end Retina display tablets, but can it do the smaller, low-end tablets? It sounds like we’re going to find out this fall.

[image via CNET]

  • I think the price really lures people into buying it. Also, everybody knows Google and Asus, so people assume it’s a good product.

    • SimonReidy

      Not just assume. All the big tech sites that have reviewed it so far conclude that it is an amazingly well built device, with impressive top end components for the price too.

      Google have done really well to deliver so much for $200. In fact it’s likely they’re even selling it at cost price or a loss at first, just to lure people into the Android ecosystemGoogle Play, where they make their real money from the customer.

      I still love my iPad2, and for now, nothing beats the iPad’s quality tablet app selection, but I must admit I’d Iike a Nexus 7 for something different and more portable. I think it’s going to be Google’s best selling Nexus decice yet by far.

      • Exactly. Even if you don’t consider the price, the tablet is still up there amongst the best. Also I think that this tablet won’t lose its momentum like the Kindle Fire did. This tablet is leagues beyond the KF in terms of quality and value. The Kindle Fire had a shitty restricted bastardized version of android and mediocre hardware, whilst the guts of the N7 are almost in all aspects top of the line and it runs the newest and best version of Android. There really is no comparison.

    • I agree about the price but when I think of Asus I think of cheaply made lap top running buggy windows 7.
      Is it strange to anyone else that the stores that are selling out of the N7 are “GameStop, Sam’s Club, and Staples”?
      They just strike me as weird stores to pull data from.

      • Well your preconceptions are wrong. Asus products aren’t cheaply made. Windows 7 is not buggy. The stores that are selling out (GameStop, Sam’s Club, Staples) are the ones reporting in because they are the main sellers of the N7 I believe.

      • What an illiterate tosser, ASUS build some of the best laptops (hardware-wise)

      • I believe you are thinking of Acer and Windows Vista

      • ASUS makes premium stuff. My sister thought the same thing though. Dude is prolly right people are mixing up Acer and ASUS.

  • Good Article.

    You need to fact check the kindle fire sales figures.

    I may be wrong but apparently the sales cliff was related to inventory management not sell through. Apparently return rates are rather high compared to iPad.

  • YujinNY

    What is bigger than the demand for a 7 inch tablet? CHEAP people hahaha…that’s why all my IT friends that have android get mad if asked to pay .99 for an app .99!!!!!!!!

    • No, you’re wrong. That’s not the only reason some people like 7 inch tablets. It’s because some people find 7 inch tablets more comfortable to hold and use.

    • Nabil Jaser

      I love ppl who think Android users are some poor third world country dwellers. Really? Wake the fuck up and stop being a fuckin brainless drone.

  • at that price point its a real bargain…i ll definitely get one….but due to these ipad mini rumors m really hesitant…:D

    • @dongiuj

      How can you be hesitant? Isn’t “if you’ve been using a product by a company for 8yrs or so, you get a decent idea about the company”? So you either know apple is making an ipad mini or it’s not making one, right? Also you work at Dell which i believe you told me that working in this line of work, you think you have some kind of knowledge about apple. According to the way you replied to my comments a while back, you should be damned sure of yourself. Why so hesitant?

      • dude get a life….m saying that m nt real sure of buying an android over apple…plus i said everybody gets an idea about a company….M not the PRESIDENT of apple how can i say they ll release it….if it was steve jobs era i wud hav bet my ass that these rumors were false but wid tim cook m nt sure….

        Ps: dont take things personally…Mr. Fandroid…:)

      • @dongiuj

        1: i’m not a “fandroid”, i don’t and never have owned any android product.

        2: You were the one trying to make a point about “if you use one company’s products for 8 yrs, you believe you know how a company thinks”. Also you believe that you working for dell makes know how apple thinks.

        3: you started talking about SD slots when the topic wasn’t even about SD cards.

        4: i didn’t i think they will use SD slots. You should read that again.

        5: my point was and still is, people that go round saying “apple won’t do it”, “that’s not what apple does” should stop saying it because they don’t work for apple and even if they do, they’re more than likely not working in a high enough/important position to make that for sure comment.

      • @dongiuj

        I think you’re the one who’s taking it personally because you’re the one who believes that you are some kind know it all just because you work for dell. This probably explains why dell has a pretty bad rep.

      • I said i work for dell nd hav quite a decent idea how dell works…u took me wrong…:/
        2. I did mention that when u r wid a company fr 8 yrs you get a BASIC idea about their thinking…see d word basic….now 7.85 inch ipad is not basic…spcly after steve jobs….basic knowledge refers to the fact that they ll not put a data slot in ipod touch….dey will or will nt release an ipad datz nt basic datz pretty advance….
        Ps: i really think you took me wrong….i defended a person sayin dat everybody has his opinion…:|

      • Aaron Seibert

        I’m sorry. It took me forever to read your comment. Please, do yourself a favor and go back to English class…

    • @dongiuj

      Now i know you’re full of s**t.

      • You think apple will add a SD card slot…who cares what you think…:p


    I really like my iPad. It will be interesting to see what Apple will bring to the mini-tablet space should they decide to enter it. I use my tablet to “create,” but for those looking for a tablet almost entirely for consumption, perhaps something around 7″ is all they need.

  • The only issue here will be price. Knowing Apple’s pricing structure, I think Apple may struggle to release an 8″ tablet for sub $300/£200

  • Ludek Brown

    I predict that Nexus 7 will be one of the best selling tablets on the market. Great HD display 1280×800 (216 ppi), Scratch-resistant Corning glass, Quad-core Tegra 3, NFC (Android Beam), GPS, 340 grams, 10 hours of browsing, the latest OS with Jelly Beans + Google Now for just $199 – what a steal!! In my area all the retailers were sold out by Friday noon so let me know if you have an idea how to get one without waiting!! Thanks.

    • Zac Caslin

      How many did they have is the question. If they only had a limited amount no wonder they sold out.

  • lennie

    How many did Asus/Google make and ship the 1st day? If its “selling like hotcakes” then why hasn’t Google published the absolute numbers?

  • The price is great the specs are awesome. There is nothing currently on the market that can even come close to the nexus 7 tablet. Basically u can get 2 nexus 7 tablets for the price of one iPad. Mark my words. This tablet is a game changer. I can’t wait for mine to arrive 🙂