Kindle Fire Becomes One of Best Buy’s Top Selling Tablets… But Wait…

TechCrunch is reporting that the Kindle Fire is becoming Best Buy’s best -selling tablet.

Amazon’s first foray into the tablet world seems to be a runaway success. The Fire has occupied the top spot on Amazon’s best sellers list for weeks even prior to the device shipping. Now, at Best Buy, the $199 Fire sits higher the 16GB iPad as the top selling device in the hot category. Yep, it’s safe to say that Amazon is well on its way to officially winning the Android tablet wars.

So yes, if you look at it, the Kindle Fire holds the #1 spot. The reality is that there is only one Kindle Fire and there are 12 different iPad 2 models. Mind you, out of the 10 best selling tablets at Best Buy, 5 of them are iPads. At any rate, it’s good news for Amazon.