There was a graphic that started circulating the internet several months back, demonstrating how Apple has affected the smartphone industry. It showed what handsets looked like before and after the original iPhone was released. And the differences were tremendous.

There was a similar image that showed how Apple has impacted the tablet market. Before the iPad, tablets were 2-3-inches thick, had styluses, and ran desktop operating systems. And then after it, they all became thin, multi-touch tablets running mobile software.

Now it looks like it’s time for someone to make another graphic showing how Apple has affected retail stores…

Samsung has just opened its first retail store in North America. And, as BriefMobile points out, it looks an awful lot like an Apple Store. Don’t believe us? Watch this video from the store’s opening:

Even if you ignore the fact that Samsung has all of its tablets and smartphones laid out on white tables, or the fact that there are employees walking around in blue shirts, you still have to admit that it looks a lot like an Apple Store. From the all-white promotional signs, to the embedded accessory walls, to the group sales counter at the back of the room — it all screams Apple.

And Samsung’s not alone here. In fact, there are a number of retail chains looking to remodel the interiors of their stores to mimic the inside of Apple’s gadget havens. Back in March, Best Buy announced a new “Connected Store” strategy, set to debut later this year, that involves such a makeover. And Verizon is planning a similar redesign for its stores.

Given the success that Apple has seen with its retail business, it’s easy to see why other companies would want to try and emulate it. And hey, if that means that in the future, all stores will have a knowledgeable sales staff and a quick and painless checkout process, we’re all for it.

  • revolutionized retail business….

  • The whole store is a bad copy of the Apple store, there is no cable management at all with there products, they just blatantly ripped off the Apple smart sign. Their 3PP wall looks cluttered too, apple has nothing to worry about though.

    Their retail experience is miles above anywhere else, also with features like easy pay, concierge and the different services that they offer, it will soon be evident where the similarities end between the stores.

  • Howard Ellacott

    From the video it looks rather horrible, whereas apple stores are white, this one looks yellowy and old! Terrible copy.

  • Love the way samsung rip the piss out of apple for the way they sell to customers and the customers themselves, yet they follow the same style as it appears to work. It’s like they are just built on hypocrites. Not hating… too badly… 🙂

    And no, i’m not an apple fanboy. Just pointing out the obvious, before anyone gets butt-hurt. 🙂

  • What crap! Remove the TV’s/phones, and there you go, an “original” looking Apple Store! One word : WTF


    Who gives a fuck, seriously … You post such shit on this blog and Apple related blogs in general. If you all love Apple and jizz over everything like you do then why can’t you just be mature and accept that not everybody shares your blinkered, naive views. I’m sick to death of all the pathetic Android bashing in particular but the morons that seem to peruse these blogs just hate on everything purely because it isn’t Apple.

    If you’re into Apple then what does it matter what the competition do? Who cares what you think of the stores, the phones or anything else for that matter, just grow the fuck up and ignore everything non-Apple and carry on with your sad little lives whilst the adults amongst us can be free to see stories about Apple and others without the whole “Apple is the best and everyone else is shit”, just because you think that doesn’t make it gospel !!!

  • Some people have no class

  • goofygreek

    Companies mimic other companies success. Just like advance auto parts and auto zone, they both have reddish orange signs, both companies names start with an a, and both have the word auto in it. And some of the stores look almost identical to each other. Things like this happens all the time. And it’s going to keep happening. Can’t wait to see apple try and sue Samsung over this.

  • I have many apple products, and also a Nexus 7 is on the way (what a price point!!! Apple, take that!).
    However, Samsung really have no class, they just copy everything and up
    the hardware spec, now even copy the retail store. I understand the
    current patent war is counter innovation, but come on Samsung, can’t you
    innovate better? Dell had a successful online store beat the hell out
    of HP, Apple created one of a kind successful retail store with highest
    revenue per square foot ever, can’t you think of something out of your
    own, Samsung? You are not a small start up or low tech company, you have
    plenty of resources, come up with something new please… we want
    someone to fight apple, but not fight by copying! Thanks to Google, we
    now have a real good product for $199 🙂

  • ExRoot

    The cables are all over the place. Also seems dark. Continuity is off. I hate fan boyism but no way this is as clean as an apple store.