FireCore has released a significant update today for its aTV Flash (black) software. The suite allows jailbroken Apple TV users to playback different file types, surf the web, and much more.

With version 1.7, FireCore has added a number of new features and enhancements to the list, including integration and a new Ratings system. Keep reading for the full change log…

For those who aren’t familiar with, it’s essentially a (free) service that automatically tracks the movies and TV shows you watch, and then provides you with recommendations based on the recorded data.

Other changes include:

  • Added localized movie poster art
  • Added localized movie ratings
  • Added AirControl (beta) – an open control API for Apple TV
  • Added support for embedded DVB subtitles
  • Added advanced read-ahead buffering for SMB and NFS shares
  • Added Simplified Chinese translation
  • Added ‘Update All’ option
  • Added support for secure web logins
  • Improved metadata fetching speed
  • Improved video rotation detection for MOV files
  • Improved support for YUVJ420 & YUVJ422 formats (used by digital cameras)
  • Improved top-level menu layouts
  • Resolved crash when accessing ISO files on certain shares
  • Resolved potential streaming issues when using an unstable network
  • Resolved AFP related memory management issues
  • Other minor improvements & fixes

As always, the update is available for free to current aTV Flash (black) owners. Otherwise, new users can purchase the software for $29.99 from FireCore’s website.

If you’re looking for more information regarding jailbreaking the Apple TV, we have a list of all the benefits of jailbreaking, as well as a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it.

Unfortunately, all this only applies to ATV 2 owners, as the ATV 3 is still yet to be hacked.

  • Stormy08

    Any ETA leaked for the ATV3 jailbreak?

    • air naji

      seriously…take your time guys.. atv2 is garbage compared to the latest version.. you think they would have updated by now.

  • Wow, imagining the ATV3 Jailbreak… Wonderfull 🙂

  • Greenhaze22

    This is a dumb question but I truly have not been able to determine the answer from my ATV box or receipt. How do I know if JUST PURCHASED. ATV is a 2 or a 3? Bought it less than a week ago at the Apple Store. I’m assuming it’s a 3 but cannot say for sure.

    • Plug it to ur tv….if the latest os is 5 or above, it is atv3

      • I bough my atv3 from bestbuy. They comes with old firmware. You know it’s atv2 if the box says 720p. only atv3 has 1080p.

        Everytime I come to this blog, I hopes to find news regards atv3 jb but nothing. iDB Top 10 news is annoying.

      • Greenhaze22

        Got it. Thanks for the quick and helpful response.

  • does ANYONE have any idea, when, the jb for ATV 3 will possibly come out? or if they are even working on it? really want a jb ATV3 🙁