Between its ability to capture 1080p video, and its seemingly-endless supply of third-party editing apps, the iPhone 4S has become a great tool for budding film-makers.

And when software and megapixel count won’t get you the shot you want, there’s also a large selection of iPhone accessories up to the task. Enter the Picosteady…

The Picosteady is a light, well-built, portable stabilizer for your iPhone (and other small cameras). Using counterweights, it allows you to shoot steady, professional-looking videos while on the move.

Like most cool inventions, the Pico is currently trying to raise money via Kickstarter in order to go into mass production. As of this writing, the team is almost half way to its $15,025 goal it needs to hit by August 9th.

If you’re interested in helping fund the project, pledges of $139 or more will essentially lock in your Picosteady pre-order.

What do you think of the Picosteady? Good idea/bad idea?

  • It was my understanding that Apple poured a ton of money into research to make the iPhone 4S’ A5 processor auto-stabilize the frame of photos and videos. This seems to take advantage of outdated iPhone 4 technology to sell a product.

    • Mohamed Hassabo

      Is auto stabilization on the new iPad too?

      • Johnathan Jennings

        Good question.. I haven’t heard anything about it at all.. So I suppose it’s not.

      • The new iPad does have auto stabilization for videos:

      • Mohamed Hassabo

        Thanks, the only person who answered my question without hating.

      • Google says yes.

      • Mohamed Hassabo


    • It seems it would be good for photography too. My mom tried to take a picture with her 4S during my graduation last month, and it came out a complete blur- ruining the picture. (she has a bad hand) She could’ve really used this.

    • Kiel Wallace

      There is no harm in going further to reduce shakiness. The stabilization tech in the 4S isn’t bulletproof.

      • Never meant to imply that it was bulletproof if that is how I came off. The software stabilization seemed more practical for home use than professional recording equipment – especially for a smartphone, since professionals are out there using DSLR cameras and the such.

    • There is only so much you can do with software when it comes to stabilization. Also this looks to me like it would help get more “Professional” Camera angles while keeping the camera stabile.

  • Mohamed Hassabo

    I have to say, it is quite amazing. I WANT IT!

    • Mohamed Hassabo

      Again with the dislikes, wtf?

  • MOE

    I think this not bad but is not worth $139 JEFF I FOLLOW YOUR BLOG EVERY DAY U SHOULD HAVE A VIDEO ABOUT THE NEW UNLOCKING SULOTIONS FOR THE IPHONE 4s and options for iPhone 4 unlocking. Thanks

    • This is notJeff’s blog… It’s Seb’s

  • Holy Guacamole, $139?! You can make this exact same thing with the same parts for a lot less money and a quick trip to Home Depot. YouTube has plenty of videos showing you how to do this for about 30 bucks or less.