CoverMeNot is a brand new jailbreak tweak that does something extremely simple, yet just as brilliant — it doubles the height of your status bar when a notification banner appears on screen. This prevents the banner from covering up the content on your iPhone — hence the name.

Once the banner notification times out, the status bar is resized back to normal. If you’re tired of incoming banner notifications covering up your on screen content, then you need to try CoverMeNot…

The developer of CoverMeNot, cjori, is the same developer behind such tweaks as Dashboard X, so you know you’re dealing with a quality tweak that will be well maintained. Once you install CoverMeNot, that’s all there is to it. There are no settings or options to configure; you’ll simply notice it working whenever you receive a new banner notification.

True, it’s not the most impressive jailbreak tweak in the world, but it’s free on Cydia’s ModMyi repo, and it solves a real issue with iOS’ banner notification system. Apple should take a long and hard look at CoverMeNot, and consider implementing it in an future version of iOS.

What do you think?

  • next jailbreak tweak, TOUCHMENOT, dont have to touch the screen at all, iphone does everything 😉

  • I use Smallbanners which pretty much does the same thing (does not cover the content when notification banners appear). Are they compatible?

    • doesnt it look kinda compact, where every letters are all packed up… this is the normal banners … i think this is nice, but i duuno hw it does good with apps or games which have controls on the bottom, cause when a notification comes, it disappears

      • Sina

        What if you’re on Full Screen app ? Like many games.

  • Why was the statur bar going blue before the notification came in?

    • I’m wondering the same thing..

      • That’s the way it does it in iOS, MyWi did the same thing plus it was pulsating 😉

  • DomPerignon1

    Very nice! I agree with you “simple and brilliant”

  • tim

    this crashes with isx msg+ installed every time you touch a msg banner, or after 5 secs of receiving a msg.

  • Does it work/help with callbar?

  • Metroview

    It’s not fully compatible with Chip and Notificator. the blue bar appears, then the notification overlaps that blue bar, and sometimes the blue bar won’t go away until you reboot or respring.

  • Ken Oliver

    Thanks Jeff great tip,

    How many times have I been interrupted in an app with a banner notification ?

    Covermenot as solved that problem for me, simple but effective

    I would never know about it but for your excellent tip thanks again

  • Why didn’t apple include this in an update way back? I constantly tap the banner when I want to go back or something like that,

  • What an awesome tweak!!!!
    Apple should include this feature immediately in its next IOS.

  • It keep crashing on iPT 4 on 5.1.1 JB. Its ‘NOT’ compatible with ‘NCQuickDismiss’

    • HC

      Exactly my issue right now, but I’ve uninstalled it that same day. Do you know if they updated it to make it work with it?

  • This is a great tweak. very neat. It’s amazing how the jailbreak community comes with ideas so simple and yet elegant and useful, many times they do a better job than apple.

  • Does not work in landscape when playing movies… but still awesome

  • Syed Ali

    Apple should take a hint from it, rather than implement something that’s ridiculous aesthetically. The entire page should shift down to accommodate the banner instead of the status bar suddenly fattening up for a catch of the notification. Aesthetics aside, it solves the problem Apple failed to foresee – or sacrificed for outdated skeumorphism.

  • Appletiser

    in fairness of free speech im gonna buck the trend and say i don’t like this tweak for two reasons. 1 – the amount of content that appears at the very top of the screen is most of the time insignificant and 2 – i don’t like how the whole user ‘experience’ is manipulated. take a webpage, for example, every time a banner appears the entire screen shifts. i would find that more annoying while reading than having something i’d already read cut off at the top.

    just my two cents 🙂

  • laggy on 3gs.

  • don’t know if you guys remember but this is just how banner works with cydia tweak
    Mobile Notifier on iOS4… which i thought is not good enough coz screen moves… now someone say its good, so… LOL