Speero — a system management utility for the iPad that we previewed last week — is now available for download on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $0.99.

This is an iPad exclusive tweak that allows you to kill apps, launch apps, invoke Activator actions, and more. All of this is easily performed from an interface that is engaged by means of its own Activator action. If you decide to try Speero, let us know what you think about it in the comments.

  • Just seen it there.. But is it worth it ? It does look good and I see you video is on there too !
    Might just have to get it when I boot up the iPad next..

  • christodouluke


  • jose castro

    its ok, not the greatest but i rather use deck HD

  • I really think Cydia should force all apps/tweaks to allow a 3 to 7-day trial period. It looks great but I don’t know how useful it is for me until I try it first for free.

    • I think thats why devs did not put a hight price. I agree that there should be a trial period. It is necessary. On the other hand 0.99 is not gonna make you poor, and you might even help the devs to add extra features in next updates.

      • Well, i paid 10 bucks for stupid Quasar, and app that does not work with facetime and makes my Ipad respring every time. That kind of tweaks should allow at list a trial (limited) version and if you like it then buy the license. I paid 10 for intelliscreen X and Iblacklist and dont regret it. I would pay again for those apps

      • thats why I use “test” version of quasar. ONce the bugs are eliminated I will buy it. 10 bucks is too much to throw it away. But 0.99 is not a big deal.

      • amen to that bro. lesson learned the hard way

  • I love the fact that developers did not ask for 5 bucks but just 0.99. In this way I dont even hesitate to buy it and I wont have any regrets if I am not gonna use it.

  • seyss


  • This doesn’t seem to be compatible with the Quasar tweak. Causes the iPad to crash when launching apps after closing Speero Dashboard.

  • SBSettings is still #1 for me. Fast, lots of addons and imo reliable.

  • SimonReidy

    I bought installed and configured it, then realised it not only looks bad (the icons you pick to launch via activator are scaled and pixelated) but it really doesn’t do anything you can’t do more quickly via SBsettings, activator and Notification Centre. As for it’s task switching, it just replicates the functionality of the stock switcher, which I rarely use anyway thanks to CardSwitcher.

    Depdending on what you have installed already, it’s one of those “cool to look at, but ultimately unnecessary” tweaks.

  • This tweak has potential but for now it takes way too long to load, system info is a huge waste of space, icons don’t appear for many things, you can’t select the order of your toggles, etc. things like the way the event list is ordered show that this tweak was not ready.

    I agree with the stuff about trials. To me it seems like devs are afraid that if people can try their tweak they won’t buy it. This is a good example.