Whenever you find yourself in a dark place, chances are you don’t have a flashlight on your person, but you do have an iPhone. For that reason, it’s a good idea to install a jailbreak tweak that allows you to easily use the iPhone’s built in LED flash as a flashlight.

There are already a handful of decent flashlight tweaks available on Cydia, but this latest one called Torch is one of the better implementations. Torch is a tweak that places an easily accessible flashlight button on your Lock screen that will enable or disable the LED flash.

As you’ll discover in the video, I had a few problems with the size of the button initially, but that issue has since been cleared up in the latest update of Torch. The update also brings compatibility with several Lock screen tweaks like Clockify, Forecast, and more.

Since this update, it’s much easier for me to recommend Torch as one of the best flashlight tweaks available. Sure, you could always go the Activator action route, but Torch provides you with a nice visual, yet unobtrusive, toggle available on the Lock screen, and it performs well.

Torch is a free download on Cydia’s ModMyi repo. You will obviously need a jailbroken iPhone with an LED flash, but if you meet that criteria and decide to take Torch for a spin, sound off with your opinions in the comments below.

  • jose castro

    sweet……… they should also make it turn a different color when u push the button to indicate that its on.

    • you should be able to know that it is on when you do actually need it. If you are using it in the light which you usually don’t need a flashlight… am I wrong? Although it would be handy.

      • jose castro

        still would be a nice useless feature lol

  • Springflash is better since it allows you to set an activator action to enable the led without needing to be on the lockscreen.

    • Agreed. I double click my Lock button, and it’s instant on/off

      • jose castro

        but i find it to be glichy sometimes but totally agree


  • dave

    am i the only one whos experiencing lag when turning on flashlight? sometimes the screen would go off before the light turns on. i would need to turn on screen again then try my luck. sometimes it takes 3 screen wake ups before the flash works.

  • It turns off automatically after 25 seconds on my 4S (6.1.2) … If I unlock the device then it stays on but then I have to be careful where I touch the screen as to prevent launching/deleting apps.