Ladies and gentlemen, it’s here. After much anticipation, Octopus Keyboard is now available on Cydia.

As we first previewed a couple of months ago, Octopus Keyboard imitates the BlackBerry 10 keyboard on iOS. Be sure to check out our video walkthrough for a high level synopsis of how it works.

Once you’ve done that, head over to Cydia, and add the necessary repo to download Octopus Keyboard now. Or you can wait a while for it to appear on Cydia’s default BigBoss repo.

Check inside for our hands-on video walkthrough of the final version of Octopus Keyboard…

Until the tweak hits the BigBoss repo, you can add the following repo to Cydia’s sources to download Octopus Keyboard:

Be aware that you will need to purchase a license for $4.99 in order to use Octopus Keyboard. Per the developer: Once you buy your license from within the app, you can register 2 different devices every month, all future updates included.

For those a bit weary about shelling out $4.99 on the whim, that’s completely understandable. Don’t worry though, a demo version is scheduled to hit Cydia soon.

Be sure to let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

  • Marcos Sánchez Ramis

    It isnt free… =(

    • Charles Valdez

      It is on iHacksRepo 😀

      • Leave the forum. If you aren’t willing to pay someone for their hard work, go buy an android.

      • billypuntove

        I don’t think Android has anything to do with this. I don’t know why people have to fuel that feud.
        That being said, I completely agree with your first part. People should be compensated for their work . I don’t know why people these days expect everything to be free. And when things are free they complain about ads.
        It’s like “What exactly does make you so special that people should give you things for free?”

      • ReanimationXP

        It’s because they think software just grows on trees. It’s not something that took man hours to build because it’s not tangible, right?

      • JamesR624

        Oooh. Anti-android fanboyism AND misunderstanding what “hard work” means. Cause Im really sure these people came up with the idea all on their own. Oh wait! RIM did. And Im sure they made the code from scratch. Oh wait! Apple did. Im sick of being nickel and aimed in both the App Store AND Cydia. I am switching to android and am going to be very happy I no longer have to PAY to do basic things on my phone.

      • I’m sorry, what makes you so special that you
        Should get free stuff? It’s stealing. Like it or not, it’s stealing.

      • ReanimationXP

        Apple didn’t write any of the code for OctopusKeyboard, moron. The dev had to re-write a lot of what Apple did from scratch.

      • well, if people wants to buy it, despite knowing a pirate version occurs, they will. If not, they won’t. Simple logic.

      • This tweak didn’t cause hard work. It’s just a BB10 copy cat. It’s not even an original idea. I pirate and save money and you can waste your mony. Not Stfu

      • You are funny. For $2.99 I would release first someho working prototype. But I continued and worked on it for almost 1 month and it still in total makes much less money than iOS games on AppStore. Yes, it’s inspired by BB10 but written from scratch. You must be very poor not being able to buy a tweak with the price of pizza on it.

      • Ronald Weaver

        Nice tweak keep up the hard work! Thanks for allowing Jeff to promote the app here on IDB 🙂

      • I’m 15, live with my parents and I have no way of getting money to PayPal. Yes I asked my parents to connct their credit card but they won’t. And no, where I live there’s no store that sales PayPal gift cards. If I could magically give the developer cash instantly maybe I would but sadly I can’t. And this tweet is simple and if I had some coding and computer languae support I’d be able to do the same. Maybe even better. Your tweak isn’t inspired by bb10 it’s copied from bb10. I’m surprised you didn’t get sued. If u weren’t sucha jackass maybe if actually by your shit.

      • Clearly Kian Shahla knows NOTHING about app developing and the work put into it.

      • Think again.

      • well, based on the way you think. i will rape your mom and SAVE money from dating a regular chick. Because dating is too mainstream

      • Damn. Aren’t you the same person that recommended pirating apps before. Just stop. You are a poison to the jailbreaking community. It’s the price of a cup of coffee! Just buy it!

      • Is a cup of coffee $5!?! Shit, you must be drinking some damn ballistic coffee! Is it nice?

      • ReanimationXP

        Ballistic? Last I checked a coffee at Starbucks is about $5. You can’t buy someone a McDonald’s lunch for writing an app for you over a period of months?

      • Nah, i’m just saying. $5 dollars is a lot of money.

      • It’s a saying. If all you got out of thy was that the coffee you buy isn’t $5 then you’ve missed the point.

      • Dan


      • Charles Valdez

        I don’t buy cup of coffee -_- It’s a waste.

      • i dont see it, where?

      • I believe that its too expensive and the whole idea of jailbreak is piratism. I would pirate it if i could.

      • Joshua Ventura

        I agree, it’s too much! same here! it’s ridiculous!

      • This guy worked HARD to get this tweak out, to make it as perfect as can be so people would like it – if you don’t like it, don’t pay for it man, you should have looked into it a little more prior to paying

      • The whole idea of jailbreaking is pirating? I don’t even…you
        Sad sack of sh*t

      • “the whole idea of jailbreak is piratism”


        First, go learn some grammar. Second, the whole idea of jailbreakING (it’s a verb, you idiot) is opening up the true potential / functionality of an outstanding device.

      • Charles Valdez

        outstanding device? lol jailbreaking means to open the shit os so developers can take advantage of it

      • EpicFacepalm

        Instead of teaching grammar, you learn my language and don’t make any mistake. Ignorant Grammar Nazi USA Citizens..

      • Joshua Ventura

        it’s not on iHacksRepo but instead I bought it and I found that, it isn’t worth $5, I been working with it and it’s a big waste! AUTOCORRECT is off and won’t work with it off and SWIPE SELECTION is removed. it’s somewhat cool but frustrating to work with and I agree with people it should be $2.99

      • notewar

        I find it quite lag while typing aswell. But het lets dont forget that this is an initial release, im pretty sure the developer will put more work into it in near future.

      • You do realize if it wasn’t for people who promote pirating like you, Apple would have been more lenient on jailbreaks. But when you promote pirating, the jailbreak community loses.

      • You’re the reason why some developers don’t share their tweaks and stuff cause people don’t want to support them. SCUM!

      • its not on ihacksrepo :-/ i checked

  • jose castro

    i love it, it removes swipe selection :(.. and i still think its to much…………

    • Hey…do you think this tweak can replace the way we text right now…is it faster and easier with octopus or should I just pass? Thanks!

      • notewar

        Im using octopus keyboard to type this right now and I can tell you that it is definately worth it. I should also advise you that it may take sometimes to learn the typing and getting used to

      • Thanks! I might consider it only if swipe selection gets supported…swipe selection is a must have for me

      • i can’t get it to swipe up and get words. Feel like I wasted five dollars

    • ReanimationXP

      That sucks, I won’t get up SwipeSelection for this.

  • FINALLY!!!

  • What’s the cost?


  • first impressions…it is great! the only downside is that it turns off autocorrect

  • also doesnt work with irealsms

    • Joshua Ventura


    • Because their keyboard type is either nonstandard or autocorrection-disabled. I will manually fix these cases in an update.

  • it works only in english?? or in other languages too????

    • Kok Hean

      You can download dictionaries for it.

    • notewar

      There are many languages dictionary available e.g German, Portugal… Sorry i couldnt remember it all but many Asian languages are not supported yet.

  • Anyone wants to share a username ?

    • I’ll spit the cost from you and share if you want

      • Actually I’ll just wait a day for the pirated version.

      • I follow the dev on twitter and he has really good anti piracy measures, like some of his older apps haven’t even been cracked

      • sam

        His anti-cracking method actually isn’t that good. There have been a ton of users who have had their nicknames/emails compromised. Thankfully I’ve talked to him about getting a new system, and he’s planning on using randomly generated tokens that would probably go with the user’s UDID.

      • Peter Miller

        Scott.. I will split the cost with you. Respond please?

      • Peter ill split with you

  • That is a mad tweak right there! A little pricey for my liking but looks like a lot of hard work went into it. I am tempted though…

    • Joshua Ventura

      it’s not worth it, trust me!

      • Al

        Not sure what you mean by its not worth it. Its an awesome tweak..ill miss swipeselection, but ill say its worth it. It all depends on the gotta admit its coo idea..

  • What a stupid name for it. lol

    • Joshua Ventura

      its alright

  • It should be at most 2.99 not 4.99. I would rather just wait for the pirated version.

    • ReanimationXP

      Keyboard tweaks are a lot of work, especially predictive text algorithms. I agree it’s high, but from a developer standpoint I can understand why in this case at least.

      Advocating piracy is just ignorant. You all bitched about when OctopusKeyboard would be released, and now that it is you’re going to steal it. Do you think the dev will ever make any other tweaks? Do you think others will be driven to make a different keyboard tweak like BlindType if they know it will just be pirated?

      I will agree that Cydia is a broken system just like the App Store, with no try-before-you-buy option, so if you pirate it to try it that’s one thing.. but if after trying you don’t uninstall, you’re just a common theif.

      If you really like the jailbreak community you’ll delete your comment.

    • From now on, I’m flagging any comment advocating piracy. As for you, sir, you are an ignorant jackass.

      • I never insulted anyone. Your the jackass

      • ReanimationXP


        i think you just proved his point for him.

      • Yah seriously Scott calm down. I don’t like it when people pirate apps too (I’m a developer) but there is no need to act immature and name call just because you disagree with someone. This isn’t Yahoo comments section you know 🙂

    • are you sure its pirated version will come out ? i waited long for intelliscreenx cracked but it does not come so i purchase that :S

  • so it is on another repo

    • Joshua Ventura


  • Joshua Ventura

    does it work on the iPad?

    • Al

      Yes it works using it now..its coo I like it. Compared to the iphone the words are displayed above the letters..

  • Okay, gonna wait until he releases support for Bitesms (dont know if it works), swipeselection + autocorrect support (don’t know if needed, but anyway…)

  • MrShutEmDown

    Paid for it.. I could’ve had fast food instead… smh.

    • Can I have your username ? Please. I swear when the pirated version comes I’ll deactivate from it

  • 4.99 is a way too expensive. RIM idea and copycat idea shouldn’t sell at this price. The downside of this tweak is SwipeSelection not working, only support english language, autocorrect not stable, long word can’t be seen clearly and etc. I think 4.99 is not worth.

  • thepies

    Whattt? its damn expensive .__.

    • There probably will be limited discounts/giveaways later…

  • this looks cool but Swipe Selection is something I can’t live without. I absolutley hate the native iPhone way of moving the insertion point.

    • SwipeSelection and autocorrection is kind of working with Octopus they are disabled temporarily because for example when Swipeselection is installed swipe up and a few pixels left causes the cursor to move into the middle of completed word. I will work with author of SwipeSelection to make it work better together

      • You should recommend people to get SwipeShiftCaret instead, it’s way better and doesn’t interact with the keyboard.

  • I actually kind of love it.

  • You mention in the article that you buy the license via the developer. Is the purchase made through the application until it hits the BigBoss repo or even after it’s on the main repo?

    The reason why I’m asking because, if you pay directly to the developer, does Cydia get its entitled 30%? That would be sketchy if it didn’t.

    • ReanimationXP

      Cydia doesn’t mandate that you have to buy through them.. Cydia has the same problems as the app store. No try-before-you-buy. I like devs who use their own methods like LockInfo and BiteSMS. It allows them to provide a free trial.

      • Yes I realize this although there have been a few select developers in the past who have tried to shortchange Cydia by using alternative methods via ther own repositories.

        I spoke with him and he said he will donate 10% to the greenpois0n team and that Cydia will get its cut. Commendable.

  • Anyone wanna pay $2.50 each and share a username?

  • Guys this tweak doesn’t remove auto correct. You can still go in the settings and turn it on.

  • David Villamizar

    Maaan I just cracked the app for fun! trying out names and the most stupid resulted to be vaild! won’t tell you the name I tried anyway, I’ll pay for it later if it’s worth it, if not, that would be piracy =D

    • Yep i did not warn users to use better nicknmes and haven’t limited max tries per ip. Why? To release it and not to make an additional delay…

      • David Villamizar

        It seems that comments can’t be erased here, sorry about that great work with the tweak

  • David Villamizar

    The tweak is great, specially the way it manages the learned words, and the multi-language support!

  • You people are absolute shit the way you steal things and never pay for anything at all to these mostly hooby project devs. Imagine having to pay for a jailbreak or none to begin with. You are damn lucky someone else is footing the bill for you! On nearly every aspect of IOS hacking and development

  • Where can you download german and danish dictionaries? Have purchased the app and cannot find it in the app itself or by googling.

    // Got it. Via the Repo in Cydia if anyone else is wondering.

  • notewar

    I love the idea of this app but it is abit of a dissapointment that it doesnt work with thai keyboard – octopus keyboard causes whatsapp to crash when i switched to Thai keyboard. By the way im using octopus keyboard to type this right now.

  • Samm Maiava

    I can’t seem to get this working with ikeywi and bitesms. Its a shame i think it has potential

  • marcin slaczka

    I have been using this all day and it is honestly the best keyboard tweak i have used on the iphone… definitely worth the price.

  • Can not purcase it.
    Just says “beta expired”

    Little to no use

  • Peter Miller

    I reinstalled it and now it says beta period expired? help?

  • Peter Miller

    I reinstalled it and now it says beta period expired? help?

    • Please install 1.0.1 if you haven’t already

  • Some of you people disgust me. It’s a tweak that a man spent many hours working on. What do you do? Pirate? It’s disgusting. Jailbreaking was founded to customize iOS to do things that people would love it to do, like this, or what Zephyr does, or any other tweak. To pirate is to steal money & to hurt someone who spent a lot of time at a computer burning his/her eyes out to make something to make scum like you happy. You waited all this time? You complained? While you complained it was taking too long, K3A was burning his eyes out, straining his fingers & brain to write up a PERFECT tweak similar to the BB10 keyboard. He didn’t just copy the code- can’t copy something THAT ISN’T EVEN OUT YET. He had to write it from scratch on a totally different platform, and he rushed to get it to you to make you happy. So you steal from him? Man, I hope your grandmother takes several days to make a blanket and a thug comes to her house, beats her and takes it from her. If you pirate, you might as well wish that, cause who should pay, right? Scum. This is one of the best, well written tweaks I ever seen, and I was happy to spend 5$ on such well written software. Hope you bastards learned something, and to those who spent the 5$, props to you for not being scum. And to you, K3A, thank you for making my iOS experience better, and for spending so many days slaving to get this out.

  • Can you add the On-Off function ?
    I want to use Octopus Keyboard for English keyboard only and It also has a bug when I use 2 keyboards , Thai and English. It would close itself in each apps.

  • DO NOT BUY! bought this yesterday. getting errors when downlodng the license. I emailed the guy and he hasn’t responded. wasted $5 on this bs. the one jailbreak app I decided not to pirate for reasons that I wanted to support the developer, I get screwed over… from now on I’m not buying apps.

    • I will reply to everyone but I am very busy at the moment. If it won’t work for you for some reason, I am ready to refund your money.

  • i got it on a repo but it seems thats its isnt working on my iphone why is that i even bought it to see if that was the case and its not???

  • gapperonduty

    I think someone mentioned that it is working with bitesms….
    but can anyone chime in to let us know if it is working with bitesms QuickReply and/or QuickCompose?


    • I have tried and it works on bitesms

      • gapperonduty

        yeap! Bought it, tried it, and it works great with QuickReply and QuickCompose!

        had to respring after downloading license for it to work with QR and QC

      • for my i works on my ipod touch but when i try it on my phone it doesnt work hopefully he makes an update that might fix this problem

  • I cant make it swipe up to use the words that it knows already, how do i make it work??? Pleasee

    • Samm Maiava

      Same, it’s not working for me either. I emailed mario at K3A, apparently there are non-compatible issues with other apps. In my case biteSMS, KB shortcuts

      • Same here bitesms doesn’t work chrome notes nothing works using this tweak and actually paid cz it seemed good of a tweak to try and this shit don’t work

      • Well I have it on my ipod. And it wirks great only thing not on my iphone

    • Do you have manual correct installed? This may be the problem.

  • Its very likely this wont get cracked. Speakevents never did and its the same set up. If you type a lot then 5 bucks is worth it. You can sit there and try random names and hope it unlocks if you want but if you use apples keyboard all the time then 5$ is very cheap to get away from that. And swipeselection is cool but just use swipeshiftcaret. It does the same thing. The dev said swipeselection support is coming so use swipeshiftcaret for now and stop complaining and start enjoying this awesome app

  • nvog

    Please, ADD MORE dictionaries (Greek and Turkish would be nice) and we may consider paying that much.

  • i purchase it today but disappointed because it does not support message+ 🙁
    it should be compatible with all txt apps or tweaks

  • I pirate stuff. Got a problem ? Sue me. For now you can suck my dick.

  • its quite nice. i tested it but it is not compatible with swipe selection.
    you have to choose swipe selection or octopus keypboard

  • Anyone want to split the cost ?

  • does it work on the iPad?

    and to those who mentioed pirating it because it’s too expensive, CHEAP ASSES. $5 is not expensive.

  • i can’t get it to work
    paid 4.99 and words show up but swipe not working ;(

  • $4.99? Really need to think twice? How can you prove that this app will be loved by many? What do you think this is different from the rest keyboard app? If you purchased this there is no turning back it’s either drop the keyboard app and let it stay on your phone or use it as if it’s like the standard keyboard your using.

  • takes a little getting used to this app. However, can you add support to swypeselection ?