One of the few big complaints about Google Chrome is the fact that Google inexplicably left out TLD (top level domain) keyboard shortcuts in favor of their own custom keyboard layout.

In mobile Safari, these shortcuts allow you to tap and hold the “.com” button to bring up an alternate list of TLDs like .org, .net, etc. On Chrome, however, Google opted for a different styled keyboard that lacks these shortcuts.

As usual, the jailbreak community has come to the rescue with a fix β€” this one in near record time. The fix is called ChromeURL, and it’s a free jailbreak tweak downloadable from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Its purpose is to perform one function, and one function only β€” replace the Chrome keyboard with the same keyboard present in the stock mobile Safari browser…

ChromeURL features no settings or options to configure; all you do is install it, and you’ll notice that the Chrome keyboard has been outright replaced with something a bit more usable.

Do you like Google’s new fangled keyboard, or do you prefer the old school keyboard brought back by ChromeURL? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

  • billypuntove

    I don’t miss the old keyboard :/
    I really like the idea behind Chrome’s keyboard.
    If anything, it’d be neat to hold the “.com” button in Chrome an have it show the rest of the TLDs.

    Then again I don’t mind if this is not made into a tweak. I’m much faster at typing the termination than actually holding and choosing it. I’m just saying for the people who are used to doing the latter.

  • The downside is that you lose the ability to actually *use* the Omnibox, in that you can’t use the space bar, so you can’t do searches longer than one word.

    • billypuntove

      Wow, how did I miss that in my comment before?!
      You’re completely right. This beats the whole purpose.

      I love the omnibox on iOS. Not only for what it is already, but for that little arrow/complete function so you can add words to your search just blows Safari out of the water! It’s like using Chrome on a computer.

    • ac3xx

      I’d completely missed this when I’d released it and am working on a fix now.

  • Some people don’t care anything at all about the omnibox, so I suppose this is for them. Good point, though.

  • Eric Armstrong

    I’ve always found it much faster and easier to just type “.org” or “.edu”, rather than hold the “.com” button and then select. Anyone else think so?

    • billypuntove


  • SimonReidy

    As soon as I installed this, I realised it killed Google’s best functionality, and removed it immediately. As others have noted Chrome is nothing without the awesome Omnibox. Plus you lost the ability to use bookmarks and bookmarklets with names longer than one word. And all for a TLD button that I’ve used probably 3 times in my four years as an iOS user. Plus you don’t even need to type in TLD’s usually in chrome anyway, as it auto completes any site you’ve previously been to! πŸ™‚

  • The only reason google made their own was because you couldn’t use the spacebar for searching

  • use “/” instead of space for bookmarks and bookmarklets to work.

  • But i think google did that keyboard for a reason they added the space button to allow us to search in the same place we type he url like if you type facebook in safari it opens facebook website but if yu type facebook in chrome it searches for facebook in google search and when you type the website facebook .com it opens the website i think the only missed when you hold the .com buttom to allow you chose anoher things..