This coming Friday marks the fifth anniversary of Apple’s iPhone, the device that turned the mobile industry upside down. Today, the iPhone is bigger than most companies on the planet and no, I’m not exaggerating. The phone rakes in an astounding $25 billion of revenue per quarter for a run rate of a staggering $100 billion a year…

Together the iPhone and iPad account for more than three-quarters of Apple’s revenues. This is all coming from market research firm Strategy Analytics, out today with a couple of interesting tidbits related to the iPhone’s performance so far.

According to the latest research from Strategy Analytics, Apple has generated US$150 billion of cumulative revenues for its iPhone family in the first five years since launch in June 2007. A quarter of a billion iPhones have been shipped cumulatively worldwide.

This is just mind blowing.

The iPhone 4S has been a particularly big sales driver, helping Apple sell 35.1 million and 37.1 million units in the March and holiday quarter, respectively.

iPhone sales have been rising a lot during the past twelve months that saw Apple sell close to a hundred million units worldwide.

And according to Henry Blodget, writing for Business Insider, quarterly iPhone revenue alone now eclipses Microsoft’s entire revenue. The handset also files as a more lucrative business than Google or General Electric, generating at least $30 billion of profit annually.

And the most telling metric of all: the iPhone has turned Apple into the most valuable and profitable company on the planet.

And the key reason why the iPhone has become so popular, regardless of its industrial design and elegant operating system?


That being said, it’s gonna be interesting seeing how the iPhone fares over the next five years.

There are emerging signs that the iPhone’s next five years could get tougher. Some mobile operators are becoming concerned about the high level of subsidies they spend on the iPhone, while Samsung is expanding its popular Galaxy portfolio and providing Apple with more credible competition.

We also know from WWDC keynote stats that Apple sold more than 365 million iOS devices to date. The App Store has a cool 650,000 apps, 225,000 of which are tailored specifically for the iPad.

Apple’s store has clocked in 30 billion app downloads (excluding updates) and Apple has paid developers more than $5 billion from App Store revenue.

And my favorite metric: Apple has more than 400 million App Store accounts with credit cards enabled for 1-click buying, making Cupertino the biggest seller on the Internet.

This is extremely important should Apple decided to enter the mobile payments business, as rumored.

Did you find the iPhone numbers surprising?

  • Nope, already knew all this…but the numbers are still staggering when you sit back and really think about it.

  • Aric Bolf

    “quarterly iPhone revenue alone now eclipses Microsoft’s entire revenue.”

    HAHAHA! I love it! Congrats to Apple!

  • Nice figures! But how many of those 650,000 apps are actually any good? How many are identical to other ones?

    • Eric Armstrong

      Seriously, it’s becoming a big problem! So many worthless apps, and fake ones too. Makes me so angry.

      • ic0dex

        You guys are wrong there is no such thing as a worthless app every app has some benefit to a person in the world. Just watch the video and you will understand and if you don’t then slap yourself across the face.

      • So the fake Cydia and Activator apps were not worthless? Just saying…

      • goofygreek

        Nope. They benefited the people that stole others money.

      • As you can see, there are more people agreeing with me so it looks like it YOU that needs slap yourself in the face. Maybe one of those ones that you slap yourself so hard that when you wake up, your clothes will be back in fashion.

      • ic0dex

        This here shows that you’re an idiot and its very difficult for you to understand what the video and this article means. When I wrote “Slap yourself in the face” I meant you need to wake up BUT you’re a child so you wouldn’t understand that. So go and enjoy your day and play some xbox.

      • I know exactly what you meant by your previous comment. And your recent comment is Just as funny as your previous comment. It’s about as funny as a kick in the head.


    You know, we, customers, usually give little attention to the 5yr progress of a company… I can be using Dzandroid at that time, if Apple fails to provide…

    Just my 2c and reminder 🙂

  • Think how much the consumer is actually paying to Apple vs. what the subsidized cost that AT&T/Verizon/Sprint/etc. are paying. We probably pay 1/3 of the phone costs vs. providers paying the rest, too.

  • With steve jobs gone, I believe Apple is starting to stray from the core values that have been crucial to it’s overall success. for example, Steve Jobs would have never approved a bigger screen on the iphone. I for one love it, but it leave’s apple’s future uncertain.

    • Falk M.

      This again?
      He left Apple with a 4-year plan of products he developed together with Sir Ive and probably others.
      You betcha that whatever the next iPhone has, has even been prototyped when Steve was still around and shouting lol

      Next iPhone would get Steve’s approval for sure I bet. 😛

  • Long Live The iPhone!

  • ic0dex

    WOW I really did not read the article but the video was just was AMAZING! Some times I say to myself why the hell do we need 650,000 apps but when you really look at it there is someone in this world that they needs that app and it makes their life easier and it improves their lifestyle. Just WOW!

  • I don’t know why? People only catch up to negative things, where as there are so many AWESOME things to smile about.

  • Falk M.

    The forest is actually in my home city! ^__^
    I’m proud Apple picked Kassel as shooting location, we have such wonderful forests and parks. 🙂

  • Ibz

    150$ billion of revenue in the five years since June 2007? Is that each year? Or the cumulative revenue of that 5 year period?
    Since the current annual revenue is 100$ billion.