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  • Wael Abdo

    all quite exciting, but still the wwdc keynote wasnt what it used to be…

  • christodouluke

    I hate it when iPhone 5 concept and renders are “top news”. They’re not.


    The authors of this blog are all clearly fanboys and not just average fanboys but hardcore ones because there isn’t 1 of the posts that I would say are remotely interesting or even newsworthy … As has already been said, the rumours about the next iPhone can in no way be deemed as news, how is it news when the subject is all fantasy.

    Rumours passing as news, a jailbroken beta? How slow it is in Apple world when this is what you think classes as the best of the best.

    • You must be new here.

    • Last time I checked this was the Internet, if you don’t appreciate don’t bother reading it let alone waste the comment space

  • Kenaan20

    iPhone 5 .. iPhone 5 !!!!
    Where is it ????
    Just Guesses

  • Alex Figueroa

    What about the iPad baseband downgrade????

    It’s Sunday Funday!

  • Can I just say I like this new Disqus… Much better… And can I just say thanks to who ever you are for thinking that i’am worth Following on here… THANKS..