Details like these make me love Apple even more

Something that has always amazed me about Apple – even long before I actually converted to the cult – is that the company pays an incredible amount of attention to details. It seems that everything has to be meaningful and thought all the way through.

The latest extreme attention to detail we came across was sent to us by iDB reader Aaron, and refers to the volume knob of the Music app in iOS 6…

I’m driving down the road rocking out with my son and notice that the volume and seek radio chrome sliders are pulsing. If you tilt the phone (stand it up then slowly lay it down to see effect) the sliders turn back and forth. Nice touch almost no one would notice.

See it for yourself! Open up the Music app, play a track, and tilt your iPhone up a bit and look at the volume knob mimicking a light reflection effect. It’s hard to tell from the image above but it’s really clear when you have your iPhone in hand.

Now if this isn’t some amazing attention to detail, I don’t know what it is.