Microsoft has rolled out an update for its My Xbox LIVE application  today, bringing the software to version 1.5. The update brings high-resolution images to Retina iPad users, and some cool new features to the iPhone.

The most notable addition is the ability for iPhone owners to use the app to control their Xbox 360 consoles. The functionality will allow them to control on-screen content (play, stop, etc.) right from their handsets…

Here’s the app’s full change log:

What’s New in Version 1.5


  • Use your iPhone with your Xbox to connect, control and discover content on your console. Connect your iPhone for access to a quick list of your most recent console activity. Control your content with play, pause, fast forward and rewind media controls. Find fresh entertainment to play in the new Discover section.
  • Improved Authentication to make it more stable.


  • Improved Authentication to make it more stable.
  • iPad high-resolution images

If you’re already using the application, updating it is as simple as opening the App Store and tapping the Updates tab. If you don’t currently own it, you can find it in the App Store for free.

Have you tried the new remote feature? What do you think?


  • It crashes :/

    • Are you on iOS 5? I’m on the iOS 6 beta and it crashes every time I open the app.

      • Maybe because it doesn’t support iOS 6 yet? Idk just guessing :/

      • Mine crashes too 🙁 I’m on iOS 6. I was so excited about this app, oh well that’s what you get when you run a beta!

  • Just open the iDB web app and looked at iTunes on my mac at this started to download on to iTunes… Perfect timing ..

  • When will there finally be a IDB App?! I’m waiting for almost 1 year now! C’mon please sOmeone needs to develope one!

    • Make yourself a spiffy webclip and do yourself a favor and stop stressing about an official “app” in the appstore for this site. Not going to happen from what it sounds like; there’s not really any use in it.

    • EricArmstrongg

      What’s so bad about the mobile site? <– Serious question, not sarcasm.

      • How about making support for making videos offline availbe, more gestures, photo gallery, for the look… These are just a couple of ideas…
        Oh and I’m not wanting to go somone on the nerves i just think for that great of a bolg there should be a great app too ;-).

  • To control your device, do you have to have an Xbox Live gold account?

  • EricArmstrongg

    In my opinion, Apple isn’t taking the battle for the living room seriously. Microsoft is adding all these great features to the Xbox, and at this rate, people will soon choose an Xbox over an Apple TV any time.
    Anyone who owns an Apple TV knows that it’s not just a “hobby product”, it’s more like “the shit”. If Apple put some more time and money into it, they could get it to the point where anyone with an iPod touch, iPhone, iPad wants one on every TV in their house. It’s only $100 anyway. 
    I guess they don’t feel the need to work on it as the “iTV” myth will probably come true in a few years. But right now they are definitely a few steps behind the Xbox. I look forward to a MAJOR Apple TV update in hardware and software capabilities (or the announcement of the “iTV”).

    • The xbox will remain “King if the Living Room” for a long time. It can play games, its cheap, has netflix, hulu, zune, unlimited music streaming, kinect, voice chat an so many more Apps. For apple to pass the xbox they are gonna need a cheaper product, with many games, exclusives, and way more stuff. The Apple TV is so limited with very few features. Hard to think the Apple TV will beat the Xbox 360.

      • EricArmstrongg

        You’re completely right, the Xbox has all of those awesome features, which is why it is winning right now. But I do disagree with you on a few times. First, I would consider the Apple TV to be cheaper, the cheapest Xbox 360 is $200, while the ATV is $100. Also, the Xbox apps you listed are far inferior to those on the Apple TV: Netflix: is on the ATV, Hulu: sucks, just use netflix, zune: sucks, ATV has iTunes, music streaming: ATV can pull from itunes library or apps like pandora on your iphone. 

        Ran out of time, but I want to talk about this more tonight…

      • + Atv doesn’t require some “gold membership” to use all the features that Xbox provide :/

      • You’re right in some parts but if apple does release an iTV, it’ll surely cost more than $1000 unless they think the same as the iPad, yet it’ll still be expensive. The Xbox can stream music also from your libraries, videos and photos too. But when I say Zune I mean the Zune Pass, unlimited music streaming, any song. Although the Xbox requires gold for some features, that’s a good thing. That way more awesome features and no stupid maintenance like there is on the PS3 that lasts all day long.

        Apple would really need something awesome to pass the Xbox.

      • Marvin Wallace

        PS3 is the best. all need is iphone so i can transfer music to PS3 through imediashare. who cares about zune it was a failure as a device and a program for windows.

  • Is anyone else experiencing crashes upon opening the app?

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  • Jacjcj

    iOS 6 here – And the app is crashtastic

  • Jacjcj

    iOS 6 here – And the app is crashtastic

  • Shugo Asakura

    Works great, though the controller interface is kinda buggy. Doesn’t respond in game, though I haven’t tried it in apps like Facebook or Netflix.

  • Craig

    It badly needs a keyboard feature for apps like YouTube. Scrolling left and right for text entry is tedious