Finally, the iPad can lay claim to a Clock app of its own. That’s right, with iOS 6, comes a new Clock app built from the ground up with the iPad in mind. The first word that might come to your head after initially laying eyes on the Clock app is “beautiful”, as it’s accented with a level of detail that Apple is famous for.

Included with the Clock app is a world clock capable of storing up to 24 different locations, along with the obligatory alarm, stop watch, and timer functions. Check out our full video walkthrough of the new Clock app for all of the details. Be sure to comment and let us know what you think about it.

  • DomPerignon1

    We need a similar one for the iPhone to make most of the clock apps from the App Store unnecessary. We need a flashlight from Apple now, to make dozens of flashlight apps unnecessary also.

  • sweet…..

  • I consider it weather + clock, sense it shows weather as well

  • N0M0reUsernames

    looks good!

  • For those that want to use iOS 6 without Dev account I have simple way – and its free


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  • Tanju Hasan

    Remember when that android clock app got that much hype ? Me neither.

  • Jeff!! Show us what is Passbook app like!!

  • can you query Siri for weather details on the iPad seeing how it doesn’t have a weather app?

  • Awesome looking app and actually very useful. Now apple just needs to thrown in a calculator to complete the circle.

  • If you tell Siri to lanch the stock app on the iPad it will launch the IPhone version of stock that’s clearly not installed

  • Alarm clock: “It’s not gonna let you down..” Am I the only one who thought of Rick Roll?

    • Cameron Hodgson

      I do. Before I moved over to iOS, and Android 4 stock clock on ASOP Rom’s blew me away. Loved the faded always-on clock at night. Not bright, but always visable.

      No hate on this one. Looks gorgeous on my iPad. Now I just wish they’d update the iPhone/iPod Touch clock to add similar functionality.

  • RLst

    Wow! That is actually very impressive 🙂

  • Looks great, calculator app would also be nice…

  • I really Miss the sleep timer from earlier iPods I used to own does this have a sleep timer to knock the whole iPad asleep ? Cheers in advance karl from Ireland

  • About time. I’m not totally sure though but as an iPad 2 owner I think I am pissed that I won’t get Siri on ios6. Actually I think Siri should be on every product of this nature they ever made! Siri is now even able to connect within some cars now. No matter what, the more iOS device owners have Siri on there mobile devices the more lives will be saved on the road. Over that issue is it really to restrict Siri use to those who can afford the new hardware?