Along with adding deep Facebook integration into iOS 6, Apple has also implemented a new Update bar in Notification Center. The bar allows users to quickly compose a new tweet or status update.

While this may not be the third-party widgets we were all hoping for, it will certainly prove useful. Now you’ll be able to post to both Twitter and Facebook, without ever having to open their respective apps…

As you might expect, tapping the ‘Tap to Tweet’ button brings up the familiar Tweet Sheet. And tapping the ‘Tap to Post’ option brings up a similar composition screen for Facebook.

Obviously, you’ll be required to hand over your login credentials to both social networking services in the Settings app for this feature to work. But given their popularity, we doubt that will be much of an issue for most folks.

What do you think of the new ‘Tap to Post’ feature?

  • seen on twitter : they also implemented LinkedIn in iOS 6, but you don’t need to give your log-in creds, they already have it. ba dum tsss.

    • ColinWh

      That’s fantastic.

    • Kok Hean

      I saw this comment on Twitter, it was the top tweet.

  • Had Facebook, got fed up with it and ditched it. Now my iPhone is attempting to push it on me at every point it can? Not liking this.

  • Great, an actuall Facebook integration… Whatever -.-

  • Awesomeness. I’m hoping they just “neglected” to mention the quick compose for text messages. 🙂

  • maurid

    In a teenage girl’s voice, Facebook is SOO 2010.

    Seriously, two years late, Apple.

  • Is this also available for the iPad

  • i want Twitkafly integration!!!

  • Does the settings allow you to specify security settings for your Facebook updates?

  • SimonReidy

    To be honest I prefer the way that its done with the “Fusion” jailbreak tweak. Assigning a gesture to bring up the native status update box is much quicker and better looking than having it in the NC in my opinion.

  • tim

    apple better have added a customizable toggle centre into the notification centre.. ffs. why on earth would they not? I’d love to hear jobs & cooks reasoning!

  • Should be correct the Facebook post, and add photo post..:D

  • is it possible to add pics when using this “shortcut”??

    what about “locked screen-mode”? I know there is a tweak for it but what about ios 6…??

  • Xavier du Coudray

    Is it me or does it seem impossible to add a picture to that post? there doesn’t seem to be a camera icon like in the facebook app. Nor does it seem to have a “tag” or location icon. Tell us more! 😀

  • I could do without Facebook integration, honestly I don’t see that big of a deal with Facebook. It’s more of a time waster than anything else, plus I’m sure Android had this 20 years ago.

  • Facebook and Twitter Notification Center Quick Compose or Post but no Quick Reply or Quick Compose for Messages App. WTF Apple how does this make sense. Luckily Cydia got the Fix. Beside Maps and Maybe ( big on maybe ) the Siri update. iOS6 is a big disappointment. Hope I can finally take pictures out the Camera Roll and put them in there own Album. I not talking about copying them, I want them moved.

  • I just ditched my FB too. I hope if FB is disable or not install it won’t show in NC.

  • What about iMessage web link or Message web link. They have send link to Email, Twitter, Facebook, but no Messages. Makes no sense, Apple needs to add a better way to delete Notification in the lock screen.

  • Flor Nucamendi

    they should fix other things like: the thing cn’t even find signal, is just an expensive iPod touch! I can’t make any calls without the signal falling out…

    • Ryan918

      I love all these people who bitch about how awful the iPhone is. Don’t buy one then! Funny, I’ve had the iPhone since it first came out and I don’t have any “signal” problems! STFU!

  • This is one of my favourite features!!

  • in my ios6 beta 3 its gone!!!

    • Mine too! Did you ever get it to work?

      • Frankiet83

        Settings>notifications>share widget and turn it on.

  • chris z

    how do you add both of them to your notification center? Mine only shows “tap to tweet” and I have both the Facebook and twitter app…

    • Anthony

      You need to login first. Settings > Facebook > Sign In.

      Once you’ve entered your username and password, it will appear in notification centre.

  • Sean Eagen

    mine doesn’t show up anymore… Is it possible to shut it off? I don’t know what I did…

  • I have an iPhone 4S and upgraded to iOS 6 and I am signed into Facebook but there is still no link to update from my notification bar. Is there something else I need to do?

    • Frankiet83

      Go to settings> notifications>share widget and turn it on.

  • Frankiet83

    If your tap to post is missing go to settings>notifications> share widget and turn it on.

  • Ryan

    My iPhone 4 is updated to the most recent but it doesn’t have the quick Facebook post option in notifaction bar help plz

  • What’s the name of the tweak ?