While we never know for sure what Apple has up its sleeves until they actually unveil a product, we can almost all agree that at this point, it is a given that the next iPhone will sport a bigger display.

There has been no shortage of rumors lately regarding the next iPhone, and if there is one thing that seems to be the consensus, it’s indeed the 4-inch screen.

And it appears that Apple just flashed it in front of us all today, yet no one noticed…

If you watch today’s keynote and skip to 79.04, when Scott Forstall is introducing Eyes Free, you’ll notice this tall iPhone docked on the center console.

Is this for real? Is it just a bad Photoshop job? Is it a tease, or an oversight?

There are plenty of reasons why Apple would want to make the iPhone’s screen bigger, and there are even more leaks to confirm that theory.

Somehow, I’m kind of dubious that Apple would let something that important leak in a presentation, but at the same time, I am very doubtful Apple would want to troll. Or maybe that’s exactly what they want? Maybe they want us to think this is the next iPhone so they can surprise us better comes Fall.

What do you think?

[Thanks @azharhamzahya for the tip!]

  • Kok Hean

    Oh, Apple.

  • I just think think its out of proportion lol. Don’t really think this is worth a post.

    • ReanimationXP

      The top and bottom bezel aren’t any thinner, and the camera isn’t centered. Doesn’t line up with the supposed parts we’ve seen. I’d say photoshop also.

      • tturner23

        The camera has never been entered on the iPhone (it is centered on iPods and iPads, thought). For the phone it’s always been to the left of the speaker as shown in the picture.

      • ReanimationXP

        “Herp derp I don’t follow iPhone 5 news at all but I’m gonna chime in on the subject.”

      • tturner23

        “Herp derp I don’t follow iPhone 5 news at all but I’m gonna chime in on the subject.”

        Now Drew, was that really necessary?

      • ReanimationXP

        I’m gonna go with Yes.

      • tturner23

        Have fun masturbating tonight!

      • ReanimationXP

        I’ll be sure to have my gf (and maybe yours) watch.

  • ..lol. Just sheer lol.

  • this was probably a response to the popular rumors. Kudos Apple.

  • they play with our minds all the time. >.<

  • Absolutely not.

    If you watch the whole Keynote, you can clearly see that many of the videos presented in that slanted view (with video of the presenter to he side) display skewed and incorrectly sized images.

    Its the same reason the dials in the car center console are ovals instead of circles.

    • At what angle would an iPhone 4 or 4S look that tall, geometrically? Can you recreate said angle to prove this theory? IMO people are worried the next iPhone will look this way and they do not want to accept it.

  • i think it is just a vertically elongated iphone4S though…
    it is too much look the same as 4 and 4s
    if apple use the same design again for larger screen, everything can happen ;P
    and i think it is not possible for apple to make this incredible miss anyway

  • If it is, that means no centered FT camera. =(

  • It’s elongated! Look at the the buttons. Jeez…

  • No it’s not. Remember the iPhone 5 FaceTime camecenters aid to be in the center

    • that’s just rumour at the moment.

  • Thats an interesting observation.

    • No, the iPhone 5 has the front facing camera located in the middle of the device. It’s just a distorted view.

      • Source that this is fact?

  • Wow, this is crazy, just beause the picture is turned a little you automatically have a new smartphone worth a post, now that is poor iDB

  • To me, that screen does not look any bigger than the current one, but i see lots of space where it looks stretched on the top and bottom of the phone….Hard to say. good catch tho.

    EDIT: Ok maybe it does. Looks odd tho.

  • mindfuck = apple

  • brainfart!!!

  • Yes that is the iPhone 5. If you look at the fifth generation iPhone,it looks exactly like it.

    • the 5th generation iphone is the iPhone 4s

  • The phone looks longer but the screen looks the same size. Nothing to see here people, keep moving! 🙂

  • Pukka12

    Lol this is a joke, do you really think the people that develop these slides would be even told any information of the new iPhone.

  • JQApple

    I still am not buying the whole “longer” screen. I think it will have a bigger screen. But, Apple should make it PROPORTIONAL. Then, the app store doesn’t have to be spliced up, it’s just like what they did with the retina display.

  • JaeM1llz

    That’s a 4 or 4S the proportions are just weird. Notice how the proximity sensor and forward-facing camera are in the same spot, that does not align with the specifications and leaked parts.

  • BoardDWorld

    Yeah, I thought the same when I saw the siri launch temple run. It looked like it was on a 4″ display but it was just really out of proportion.

  • Matthew K

    LINKBAIT! Someone photoshopped the above photo… see the photo on their website:



    • See the video at 79.04. This image was not photoshopped

  • duh!

    The above photo is not straight.. I mean the screen is splitted..

  • Where‘s the HOME button?
    I can’t find.

  • Is it just me but the clips I’ve seen on youtube, looks like the next iphone is going to be ultra thin.

  • Nah, it’s just a squashed dashboard that makes the phone look long and shite.

  • Tsikis Mamalos

    Oval steering wheels on new BMWs. WOW 😉

  • Nestea80

    It’s just the result of the way they skewed and squished the image to give room for the presenter on the right to fit onto the screen. And as a few of you already pointed out, there are oval knobs and an oval steering wheel.

  • The iPhone will come with a four inch screen you only have to look at the new app store icons


    It’s just a photoshop’ed iPhone4/4S, nothing more

  • RIConcernedCitizen

    Let’s hope that’s not the next iPhone. It has an ugly form factor. Too long and thin. Apple needs to expand the screen in both directions. I hope rumors to the contrary are wrong. I was dying for the next iPhone and now that’s all I’m thinking about is how much it would cost me to replace all my iphone Apps to switch to the new Samsung..

  • RIConcernedCitizen

    At 4″ instead of the 4.5″+ of the big Androids it WILL fit in your pocket even if Apple kept the same form factor and expanded it a little in both height and width.

  • It’s just out of proportion. Look at the round radio buttons, they are oval.

  • Im saddened that they went to 4 inches and not at least a 4.3 in screen. Then I read even with the larger 4 in screen you still have the same data as on the 3.5 just a bit bigger no taking advantage of the new real estate. Anyone heard that or anything different?

  • TechJunkie83

    I think Apple may actually behind ALL of this…. think about it. More leaks of “official” parts than normal for it to be this early ahead of a release, this pic in the keynote “matching” those leaks… yet at D10 Tim Cook very assuredly stated they are doubling down on secrecy. What better way to do so then to be the one behind these “leaks” while they keep the actual product under tight wraps. That being said, myself, I wouldn’t be terribly disappointed if this was the new phone. I’m actually fond of the 4/4s form factor, so just making it taller wouldn’t bother me…

  • There was more than one moment in the presentation where longer looking iphones were present. I really do seem to be the only one thats noticed. I watched on my iMac, and at some points the scale was actual size!, when I put my iPhone 4 next to the screen, the one onscreen was clearly longer. It might not be the iPhone 5, but a longer screen was most certainly evident.

  • it looks like an ugly iPhone 4/4s.. Troll for sure.

  • zijohn

    Don’t think that WWDC keynotes has the new iPhone5, just downloaded a new app Phonebook Exchange, it’s splash screen seems to show the new iPhone5, not sure…

  • Lol you’re all a bunch of assholes, the video screen frame is skewed in the keynote, if u select this skewed frame > free transform > skew tool> and make a proportional rectangle on photoshop, you’ll notice that the iPhone looks normal.

  • J__M__M

    Who cares about the iPhone. I want the manhole cover sized steering wheel…

  • I will soooo be done with the iPhone if they decide to make this ugly ass phone! I love Apple and have had an iPhone since they came out, but if they make the screen longer and not wider I see a Samsung Focus SII in my future. Needless to say last year I was pissed off that they released another glorified iPhone 4. If they disappoint me again it’s bye-bye Apple time!