Apple trolling us with fake images of the iPhone 5?

While we never know for sure what Apple has up its sleeves until they actually unveil a product, we can almost all agree that at this point, it is a given that the next iPhone will sport a bigger display.

There has been no shortage of rumors lately regarding the next iPhone, and if there is one thing that seems to be the consensus, it’s indeed the 4-inch screen.

And it appears that Apple just flashed it in front of us all today, yet no one noticed…

If you watch today’s keynote and skip to 79.04, when Scott Forstall is introducing Eyes Free, you’ll notice this tall iPhone docked on the center console.

Is this for real? Is it just a bad Photoshop job? Is it a tease, or an oversight?

There are plenty of reasons why Apple would want to make the iPhone’s screen bigger, and there are even more leaks to confirm that theory.

Somehow, I’m kind of dubious that Apple would let something that important leak in a presentation, but at the same time, I am very doubtful Apple would want to troll. Or maybe that’s exactly what they want? Maybe they want us to think this is the next iPhone so they can surprise us better comes Fall.

What do you think?

[Thanks @azharhamzahya for the tip!]