Last week, metal-laden back covers, reportedly belonging to the next-generation iPhone, started popping up online. The components were intriguing, because with their elongated bodies and redesigned charging ports, they lined up perfectly with previous speculation.

Well today, we’ve come across a video showing off the part. The folks at CydiaBlog point to a new YouTube video from ETradeSupply, a third-party parts dealer, who appears to have gotten its hands on one of these “iPhone 5” back covers. Full clip after the break…

The video doesn’t provide us with a whole lot of new information, but it does give us a much better look at the component. The piece is both longer and thinner than its predecessor, and features a relocated headphone jack and a much smaller charging port.

Obviously, it’s impossible to confirm the legitimacy of the cover at this time. But we have to admit it’s interesting that a number of these pieces are starting to surface this month — remember, The Wall Street Journal said that next-generation iPhone production would start in June.

That being said, it’s also possible that these are fakes. It’s a known fact that Apple floats around fake parts and prototypes to help expose leaks in its supply chain. And Tim Cook recently made it clear that his company was going to start taking its already-notorious secrecy policy to the next level.

Whatever it looks like, the sixth-generation iPhone is expected to drop sometime this fall with several new features, including a 4-inch display, LTE compatibility, and other improvements.

What do you think of the back cover in the video? Real or fake?


  • Anonymous

    looks so ugly and fake

  • i hope the headphone jack remains at the top of the phone, Its just awkward being on the bottom

    • the advantage of it being at the bottom is that when ur using ur phone the wires dont come down on the screen where it required u to hold it doesnt it? and also gives u the feel like all the other ipod devices like where the ipod touch and nano is

    • Really? I’m actually very happy about that and find it painfull at the top of the phone. For few reasons. When I hold my phone and put it in my pocket later, I have to turn it 180 degrees in my hand so the headphone jack is not under the pressure inside the pocket. Because, most of my headphones failed sooner or later around the jack area.
      And second reason is that the headphone cable was blocking the camera lens or display.
      I’m actually surprised that they didn’t move that hole ages ago….it is so much better at the bottom.

      • This is the exact reason why i want it at the top! I put my iPhone in my pocket, dock connector down!

      • putting it face down is better in your pocket. when you pull it out its already in the correct position. otherwise you need to spin it around.

        man this is one ugly backplate

      • [anonymous]

        I place my phone in my pocket dock-connector-down, and it comes out right side up. It’s all about the way you turn your wrist.

      • Falk M.

        When my iPhone sits in my dock, I want the jack accessible for my 3.5 wire to my desktop speakers! 🙂
        (3rd party dock without jack)

    • I guess these guys haven’t seen the iPad which has the headphone jack at the top. Just put the wire behind the display? Hasn’t been a problem since ever. And the camera is on the opposite side of the headphone jack so how in the world does it cover it @Martin Busek?

      • I know it’s on the other side, but still it happened to me few times that the cable somehow moved in front of my lens… I’m not saying that it’s happening all the time, but sometimes and it’s annoying.

    • Takeshi Hartono

      may i ask why? i find it awkward being up the top since when i put it into my pocket i always have the headphone jack facing down

      • When i put it in my pocket, i put it in headphone jack up

      • Obviously. Why would it matter top from bottom if you aren’t looking at the screen?

  • Looks awesome !!!!

  • There is so many inconsistencies with this design that you don’t even believe its real, as if Apple would make just a random back plate like that after the gorgeous design of the iPhone 4 and 4S. I think they will actually have a design similar to the iPad 2 and 3.

  • i hope it’s fake.

  • Anonymous

    It’s real

    • Anonymous
  • Look fake, apple seem to be good at getting other companys to float fakes on the market to protect there own iphone design’s, and obviously it then becomes a bigger surprise when they do release the iphone 5 if thats even what they call it who knows. I cant see that they would have the jack at the bottom, as apple are very logical.

  • Doesn’t look fake at all… I think that’s the real deal and moving the headphone hole dow the bottom makes me very happy for reasons described in the comment below.

  • I really don’t hope this will be the next iPhone’s back.

  • I really hope they don’t change the dock connector. So many accessories would be rendered useless. 🙁

    • [anonymous]

      I guess everything has to change sometime. I am pretty surprised they kept that big dock connector for so long.

  • Bullshit!!!!!!!

  • I def will not order one blindly I know that. I will have to hold this one in my hand first. Good thing I still have the 4 because I can just upgrade to the 4s. I just don’t get the longer and not wider design. I couldn’t care less where the headphone jack it, top or bottom works for me.

  • M Last

    back plate is so ugly ,no more glasses???????? no shiny??????
    I love design 4,4S

  • iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S. Now how the fuck can this new iPhone be the “iPhone 5” when it is actually the 6th generation?! Don’t you people know how to count? Lets do it together then: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, SIX! Congratufreakinglations!
    If recent Tim Cook’s words are true, the thing will just be named new iPhone, just like the new iPad…

    • Actually, you have the iPhone, iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S. 7. 7 phones. Nice little rant though.

      • Sam Park

        No. The iPhone came out first then iPhone 3G for 3G capability then everything else based on generations

    • [anonymous]

      Exactly! I think the next iPhone should be called the iPhone 4G because it is not the fifth phone and the new iPhone would not sound good when the phone is not new. This move in naming went well when 3G was introduced with the iPhone 3G.

  • You could argue about Apple going the root of a metal or aluminum casing, reflecting on how clean and slim their Macbook Air and how much the Macbook Pro stand out. However Apple has presented two of the best smartphones of all time with a glass exterior so why wouldn’t they make the sixth generation with the best material that makes Apple’s iPhone stand out. Glass makes it not look cheap, a high end product with no plastic or textured of fake metal. Apple has a lot riding on this phone, maybe a new design but I highly doubt a new material. The headphone jack is one of the biggest features on this device, along with the 30-Pin connector. Apple probably has considered making an “Air” designed iPhone but that would leave the headphone jack at the top, not at the bottom. In addition to how the headphone jack is on the bottom of the iPod, but at the top of the iPhone, a distinction in the design to set them apart. Why change a design that has been set in the same spot as all pervious generations. I would more likely believe that Apple brings the connector to the top of the device than moving the headphone jack to the bottom.

    • pegger1

      There’s no benefit to having the headphones on top, but as many stated more functional on the bottom. They would never put the dock connector on top, that would be completely useless.

  • I actually like this concept i don’t need no shiny phone..
    And the color of the case is pretty sick too!
    I’m all for this one the width could be a little bigger tho 😉

  • Why does this guy sound like retard? I could understand my preschooler better than him. I got to believe that the backplate is fake. Apple couldn’t possibly come up with something so unpolished as that could they? I think not.

  • Ok, if this is real than it is the same design only bigger. Dock, size of the speaker, and sim tray is not what makes it different by design. I hope this is fake

  • If people ate getting a

  • Anonymous

    Could someone explain the third tiny hole in the back? Theres three holes there: from left to right. Camera(biggest) ???(tiny) Flash(second biggest).

    • Microfone, maybe

    • Yeah, probably the sound canceling mic, or a mic to record audio when video taping.

    • [anonymous]

      It is some kind of speaker that is currently on the top of the iPhone 4S

  • no.

  • 3.5 jack on the bottom ? Are they using the 3.5 Jack and new slim Dock connector together to transfer data ?

    • Anonymous

      Data is transferred wirelessly now. Would only be for charging.

      • Not everyone has wireless in house (I’m not one of them)

  • People said the same thing about the lost iPhone 4 prototype leaked by gizmodo(if i remember?). “ewww so ugly” etc. The pictures didn’t really do it justice. And when the iPhone 4 was officially unveiled everyone was happy. And we can all agree that the iPhone 4 is the best looking iPhone as of today.

    It looks real to me folks and once we see the complete iPhone it’s gonna be the same story, people are gonna love it.

    • [anonymous]

      At least the awkward shape had a very useful purpose. It would be able to be payed flat on a surface and not wabble

  • Javier Gore

    It’s actually a good idea to have the headphone jack in the bottom. When I put the phone in my pocket, I always have the speaker facing up because that way I can hear the incoming sms/calls better.

  • Mysteroy3k

    I’m considering buying full price for my iPhone and advoid 2more years with AT&T

  • The phone fits in with all the rumours. Smaller dock connector, micro SIM, larger screen… I personally don’t mind the look of the casing.

    • [anonymous]

      I believe it was a nano sim that the iPhone would have.

  • please noooooooo

  • I hope it is a fake!

    I still don’t like 2 features of this “new” design:

    1) I don’t like the 2-tone look, I just don’t believe that ugly design would pass the elegant beauty and simplicity that Apple is known for.

    2) I don’t think they would change the power charger design – they have so many iPhones out there that use this design – it really has become a standard. Also, there are so many OEM products that have incorporated this design that would now become obsolete – it would really upset the Manufacturers of this aftermarket, because they may have in inventory thousands or millions of units of “obsolete” product.

    Anyways that’s my 2-cents! 🙂

    • pegger1

      They’ve changed the dock connector design before. The size remained the same but how it worked changed. My original iPod (the first to have the dock connector), none of it’s accessories work with my iPhone 4S. You can’t expect them never to improve on something just because people bought accessories for the previous. By that reasoning they shouldn’t change the size either because of all the cases out there.

  • Fugly!
    Looks even crapper than iPhone 2g

  • I really hope they keep the charger the same

  • I don’t think Apple would make the back two different materials and colors. It’s not their style.

    • [anonymous]

      Remember the awkward time when the iPhone 2G was two colors on the back?

  • They wouldnt keep an sd card slot…and if they were to have there would be a cover over it so that it doesnt pop out….

  • Kempi

    Looks gay

  • marine725

    I can’t get over them thinking of changing the charging port :-/

    • Hyr3m

      Almost nobody will!
      Best stupid thing apple has made in years! I can’t wait to see all the hate generated by this choice 😛