BannerDisable is a jailbreak tweak that adds a new “Do Not Disturb” toggle switch to the iPhone’s settings app. This switch allows you to globally enable or disable banner notifications on the fly, which can be very useful if you’re trying to get some rest or take a meeting.

Although it’s always been possible to selectively disable or enable notifications for specific apps, BannerDisable excels because it allows you to do so for all apps in one simultaneous motion.

I tested the tweak with Twitter notifications and it worked just as advertised. Unlike most tweaks, the toggle for BannerDisable is located conveniently underneath the Airplane Mode toggle, so it’s easily accessible when you need to quickly enable or disable the option. As an alternative, you can also try out the jailbreak tweak called DoNotDisturb, which is also free. That tweak places the toggle conveniently on the Notification Center.

Best of all, BannerDisable is a free tweak, and it’s available for download right now on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Be sure to let us know what you think about it in the comment section below.


    Does it just disable banners, or the whole notification system? (I mean, will I still see my notifications by sliding down the Notification Center, whose banners were disabled/hidden?)

    (Too tired/lazy to try right now actually :P)

    • Nick mod

      It still displays the notifications but no actual notification of the new messages or whatever is notified. your phone doesn’t right, vibrate or anything, in your pocket you are unaware of notifications, when you look at it, you can see it. then turn of disable to be notified again, with a ring or vibrate

  • Testing out and nothing special plus useless, sorry to be honest and thank to the developer for given free.

  • Nice tweak! This location is less intrusive than the independent DoNotDisturb toggle in notification center, IMO. However, a toggle within NCSettings would also work well…

  • you will be able to see them in notification center

  • tried to install on my iphone, but for some reason telling me wasnt able to locate file for the be.rude0lf77.donotdisturb package. this might mean you need to manually fix this package… wtf?

  • If there were also an SBSettings toggle for it, I’d be totally on board with this. Then I could enable/disable straight from the lock screen.

  • He should add activator toggle for that 🙂

  • just put your phone on the silent mode or airplane mode.
    I still have to see my notifications later.
    but thanks

  • Ryan Lawrence

    Useful tweak but users also can put them iPhone on silent mode that’s inbuilt function.

  • Nick mod

    I downloaded BannerDisable, and when it is displayed in settings, it works great, very useful, but most of the time, it does not stay in settings, even when it is set on. I look once, two minutes later it is gone. It is sometimes fixed with a full phone restart, but disappers shortly after reboot. I tried to respring and im unsure if it fixed the problem, this is the second time I have downloaded the tweak. If anyone has any help to fix this problem it would be greatly appreciated.

    • Johann Lo

      I’m having the same issue. The toggle in Settings just vanished like the tweak is not installed. Dev! Please fix!