A judge in California this morning decided to hold off on a ruling related to Apple’s case against Samsung, meaning Cupertino won’t be able to impose a sales ban on Galaxy Tab tablet sales in the United States. Apple’s also been dealt another blow in Germany as a court said it’s unlikely to grant them the same victory against Motorola’s tablet as it’d done with last year’s sales ban of the Galaxy 10.1 tablet…

Bloomberg has the story:

Apple Inc. was denied its renewed request for a ban on U.S. sales of Samsung Electronics Co.’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet computer while the case is still before a federal court of appeals.

But why?

U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose, California, said yesterday that she doesn’t have jurisdiction to issue a preliminary injunction because the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington hasn’t issued a mandate yet. The judge said Apple can renew its request once the court in Washington issues its ruling.

And in another story, Bloomberg explains the Motorola ban situation in Germany:

Apple Inc. will probably lose its bid for a sales ban on Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc.’s Xoom tablet computer in Germany, a Dusseldorf court said.

The German court that banned Samsung Electronics Co.’s Galaxy 10.1 tablet sales last year is unlikely to grant Apple the same victory against Motorola Mobility’s device, Presiding Judge Johanna Brueckner-Hofmann said at a Dusseldorf hearing. The assessment is preliminary and may change after today’s arguments are reviewed. A ruling is scheduled for July 17.

Not sure about you, but I’m so over this legal crap.

Apple CEO Tim Cook met with his Samsung counterpart last month for court-mediated patent settlement discussion in San Francisco.

The talks fell apart.

Cook was so right, patent wars are indeed “a pain in the ass”.

I just wish they settled so we could stop reporting on this nonsense and focus on the stuff that matters.


  • Kok Hean

    They should stop suing and spend that money to improve their products.

    • Anonymous

      Who do you mean? Apple? hahaha! You should ask SamDUNG to spend their money in doing REAL innovations instead of getting a free ride out Apple’s.

      • Fully agree with you

      • Anonymous

        Fucking mong, innovations lol I guess you mean like the Notification Centre right? Without “SamDUNG” as you call them you wouldn’t have the screen quality you experience on devices but that doesn’t matter does it, pathetic, seriously, you guys should grow the fuck up and stop being so naive and blinkered !!!

      • Oh ho ho ho, you said SamDUNG oh hohoho! That’s funny because their real name is Samsung and they originate from eastern Asia. Do you even know how much of an old joke that is, how racially incorrect that is and how much of an idiot you just made of yourself look with that comment?
        Wait a minute, “Free ride” you say. Why did apple go to Samsung?

      • Anonymous

        Dude… reserve your geography lessons to someone else and I’m quite aware what “SamDUNG” real name is and its corporate headquarters are, but apparently your command an knowledge of the English language is limited, look up what DUNG means. And spare me also that “racially” correctness BS. Apple went to SamD… err SUNG for obvious commercial reasons. What is WRONG, is stealing the designs and many features from same corporation that gives you a high share of your revenue. You simply cannot cover the Sun with your thumb. Samdung and android fanatics arguments are simply absurd and unfounded. P.S: quit snorting that kimchi off your nostrils…. (BTW, I do LOVE Korean food)

      • @imot65
        Oh, you mean “dung” as in the stuff that comes out of your a**? Well, that’s really funny too! Wow, wish I worked with you, my day would be so much fun listening to your histerical jokes.
        Who said they were Samsung/android fanatics? I own an iPhone and have never owned a Samsung product nor an android phone.
        Also, I believe apple have been under the spotlight about stealing ideas. If apple can’t handle competition then why even enter the game?
        Sorry, I don’t like kimchi. Try another one of your おもしろい lines.

      • Kaz Kimura


  • Competition! Nice!

  • Anonymous

    “I just wish they settled so we could stop reporting on this nonsense and focus on the stuff that matters”

    Nobody forces you to post this shit, also, what is the stuff that matters because all I see here lately is your bullshit about iTV and rumours, you haven’t posted a decent article in ages that wasn’t either sucking on Apple’s dick, posting constant rumours or slagging off any competition … do you know what the word “unbiased” means?

    • get a life bro. there is something to cheer in life