You’ve read the snippets of Tim Cook’s talk at D10: All Things Digital conference from yesterday. We’ve been publishing those throughout the day and now here are the videos. No fillers, no longish articles or a bunch of backlinks, just what you want – short and up to the point clips. Enjoy…

If you have time, check out this 17-minute video with all the highlights worth watching.

If you want it short and up to the point, choose short clips touching upon major talking points, included right below.

On Jobs being an awesome flip-flopper.

“Stay tuned” for Apple and Facebook

Apple “doubling down” on Siri

Apple TV still “an experiment”

Patent wars being a “pain in the ass”

On the post-PC world and the tablet not being burden with the legacy of the PC

On manufacturing: “I hope people rip us off blindly”

  • Falk M.

    Enough with the snippets, the highlights, the slices and the crumbs!

    Give me the uncut video now ffs! *grrr*
    ATD, you’re slooooow.

  • Tim cook talks really slow..

    Hurry up!

    Move fast and break things.

  • So slow and boring -___-

    • Anonymous

      I like the way he talks. Thoughtful, not one word too many.

  • TIm Cook is calculating in his response because interviewers can trick you. Also the chick with the glasses is annoying.

  • Given the topic, why would you not bother to provide videos viewable on iPads?

    • Exactly my thoughts. Can’t view not one video on my iPhone 4s.

  • Anonymous

    If you know people don’t like your usual style of article writing, then why do you do it?

  • juices are flowing peoples juices are flowing