Dater is a recently released jailbreak tweak that adds a few nifty identification features to the photos in your camera roll.

First and foremost are the timestamps. Dater adds timestamps to all of the photos contained within the camera roll, and it will even retroactively add stamps to photos that already exist prior to installing the tweak. Don’t worry; the timestamps aren’t hardcoded on your photos, so they don’t actually appear when you export or print them.

The timestamps are a very nice feature, but not alone worth the $0.99 asking price. Fortunately, there’s more to Dater than what initially meets the eye…

Dater also features an info pop-up box that can be accessed by tapping and holding on a photo, and tapping the the “Image Info” option that appears. This new menu option provides you with useful information pertaining to the photo’s name, size, creation date, last modified date, dimensions, and location. It’s not the completely exhaustive list of info you’d get from an app like Photoshop or even iPhoto, but it’s much more than you’d normally come by with the stock Photos app.

Overall, this tweak is an excellent complement for those who only use the stock Photos app to manage and edit their images. If Dater piques your interest, then head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo where you can snag it for $0.99.

What do you think?

  • I’d like to be able to hide the date stamp by default and maybe have it appear by tapping the photo, other than that it looks like a pretty handy addition to the photos app

    • Mutley HHB

      Thanks for this comment. I was sold until reading it. I would like to see that feature too.

  • Anonymous

    Stampr has been doing this timestamp thing for a long time.. for free even.
    1 buck for a popup?

    • brittag

      Looks like Stampr embeds the timestamp in the image itself, while Dater just overlays this information as part of the Photos app interface.

      • Stampr also saves 2 versions of the image and the image with the time stamp on is saved in a lower resolution so there’s no contest between to two IMO

  • Nice feature to have. The camera app I use has this option though.

  • one of the better useful tweaks i have seen….totally worth $.99!.. now if the author could figure out how to name the pictures on the phone…. :)….. that would be sweeeeet!

  • Anonymous

    Dater is annoying. It looks hardcoded so whenever you view a picture the annoying time and date is there even when you zoom in. Atleast with the iphone HDR pictures you can tap on the screeen and it goes away. There is no settings to turn it off. I had to uninstall the tweak. Until they update it will download again. As of now I dont recommend this tweak. Save your 0.99 until its updated.