Dater adds timestamps and more to the photos in your camera roll

Dater is a recently released jailbreak tweak that adds a few nifty identification features to the photos in your camera roll.

First and foremost are the timestamps. Dater adds timestamps to all of the photos contained within the camera roll, and it will even retroactively add stamps to photos that already exist prior to installing the tweak. Don’t worry; the timestamps aren’t hardcoded on your photos, so they don’t actually appear when you export or print them.

The timestamps are a very nice feature, but not alone worth the $0.99 asking price. Fortunately, there’s more to Dater than what initially meets the eye…


Dater also features an info pop-up box that can be accessed by tapping and holding on a photo, and tapping the the “Image Info” option that appears. This new menu option provides you with useful information pertaining to the photo’s name, size, creation date, last modified date, dimensions, and location. It’s not the completely exhaustive list of info you’d get from an app like Photoshop or even iPhoto, but it’s much more than you’d normally come by with the stock Photos app.

Overall, this tweak is an excellent complement for those who only use the stock Photos app to manage and edit their images. If Dater piques your interest, then head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo where you can snag it for $0.99.

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