Anton Kudin’s “fold to unlock” concept didn’t stop short at just inspiring one Cydia developer to turn the concept a reality, it inspired two.

Unlockize is the latest jailbreak tweak to harness key aspects from Kudin’s concept, but it doesn’t just stop there. Unlike the previously released Unfold, Unlockize features five additional lock screen animations, and they’re all very unique. Extra animations do come at a cost, however. Is Unlockize worth its $1.99 asking price?

The answer to that question is yes. If you’re at all into customizing the look and feel of your iPhone’s Lock screen, then Unlockize is absolutely worth the $1.99. It’s a very well thought out tweak, it plays nice with other tweaks, and it features a variety of high quality animations with the prospect for many more.

One thing that I especially like about Unlockize is the fact that you can enable multiple animations, and it will automatically cycle through each one as you lock and unlock your device. If you’re not someone who needs all of the extra animations and just want the “fold to unlock” animation, then the aforementioned Unfold is a tweak you should probably pay attention to. Not only is it focused on that singular animation, but it’s also free of charge.

If, though, you think you’d prefer the full suite of animations, head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo where you can download Unlockize today. I don’t think you’ll regret your purchase. Let me know what you think about it in the comments section.

  • Anonymous

    I really like this! The fade is cool. Keep these kinda updates coming!

  • Max Katzmann

    I think Unfold does a better job since it doesn’t slide at the end and the shadow isn’t that strong. Plus it’s free. So I’ll keep unfold for now. Maybe that’ll change when more effects are added.

  • does it work with stride?

  • Nice tweak…..but around 1:22 in the vid, are you trying to practice Kung-fu on your iPhone?

  • Anonymous

    I love it. Slice is my favorite animation. And I think it’s totally worth the 1.99

  • Love this, slice is what im using, but there is a bug when on a call and i unlock it goes all green!

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t work with AndroidLock XT 🙁
    BTW, does it work on iPad?

    • I would also like to know if it works on iPad since Unfold does not

      • Says right in the description that it does not support iPad. Too bad. I bought it for my 4s though and it is very cool. Actually much smoother than Unfold.

  • this app is free 😀 at least from the source i found.

    • This app is NOT free. If you are getting paid tweaks for free then you are getting them from a source that pirates tweaks. Please don’t steal. I like being able to try a tweak before I buy it so I wish more devs would put trials out there but really they are very cheap and if people keep STEALING them there will be less cool stuff developed.


  • Nice, at first I thought this was just a cash-in on the awesome concept, but I said “what the hell” and bought it.

    It’s amazing, the original “unfold” animation is SO much smoother and better done than the unfold tweak, and the other animations don’t hurt

  • Tom

    Does it play nice with ISX? Unfold doesn’t as when you unlock, the notification centre is open and you have to dismiss it.

    If this does work, I would happily pay the $1.99.

  • Mutley HHB

    I have iPhone 4 and running. 5.1. It took over 100 MB of RAM from me 🙁

  • Doesn’t work with AndroidLock XT and now I’m locked out of my iPhone FML

  • this app dose not work with android lock when you start to unlock in first line of unlocking ,

  • does it work with android lockxt

  • ok now i read and doesnt

  • ba tongxue

    Need this for iPad !!!!!

  • ba tongxue

    Why do so many awesome tweaks merely supporte iPhone, just do not leave iPad behind

  • Kempi


  • Pierce

    Dont like how that when u unlock it u get that black screen with the small sqaure for like a second. Annoying