MacRumors points us to an eBay listing showing an interesting prototype of the first-generation iPad that features two dock connectors, one for portrait and the other for landscape mode.

An Apple patent application from September 2010 first indicated Apple had at early stages considered giving the iPad a second dock connector for landscape docking. This also confirms an old rumor that Apple originally planned on launching a dual-dock iPad, but changed its mind in the last minute.


The double-dock iPad prototype can be yours in exchange for a cool $4,800…

Apple nearly went with the dual-dock design, but changed its mind in the last minute, according to Joshuan Topolsky’s October 2010 report for Engadget.

Other than two dock connectors, the prototype tablet sports the same innards and display as a variant Apple had introduced in January of 2010.

Here’s a look at it from another angle.

Check out the two dock connectors, one on each side.

Also, SwitchBoard, Apple’s internal diagnostic software.

Cool, heh?

iMore reported back in February that Apple is ditching the 30-pin dock connector on iOS devices, replacing it with a smaller one in order to save space for more important components.

This would be essential to making the next iPhone thinner.

iLounge recently chimed in, providing some new clues pertaining to this smaller dock connector. According to the publication, the new port will be used on all upcoming devices and is “believed to have fewer pins”, perhaps only sixteen. The shape of the hole is apparently “closer to a pill shape than the prior rounded rectangle”.

I must admit I’m glad Apple ditched this dual-dock iPad in favor for a much cleaner overall appearance.

Would you prefer your iPad with two dock connectors instead of just one?

  • is there any way to get to switchboard?

  • Alex Ducatelli

    Two docks, it would allow for more versatile charging, but I do like the aesthetics of only one.

  • Anonymous

    Wonder if Apple have breached copyright with those Switchboard icons…

  • Anonymous

    I would never pay $4800 for that, prototype or not.

  • Anonymous

    What if Apple buys it back

  • Its a wreck….dremel marks at the connector points

  • but wait! there’s free shipping!

  • I’d want alot more free than delivery…..maybe an Olympic Torch thrown in

  • Anonymous

    How did he get it?

  • .

  • Tanju Hasan

    Apple should buy it back.

  • It is a prototype so obviously it has two docks so they can test which one is more suitable for the iPad

  • M Last

    seller wrote that :

    10,000$ BUY IT NOW, MESSAGE ME

  • Anonymous

    Its a Chinese rip off, come on, does anyone really believe this? The Chinese can replicate anything easily. There are hundreds of fake iPads.

    • Anonymous

      Because the Chinese try to replicate the iPad that everyone knows and loves, not some prototype that people like you would immediately label as “fake”

  • Sold for $10,200… they can keep it 😛

  • Look at the home button, it’s on the side of the iPad (like we know it)

  • fuck that