iOS 5’s upgraded notification system was a welcomed addition to iOS’ repertoire, but as time goes on it’s evident that it can be improved even more so.

Developers Joshua Tucker and Conrad Kramer have taken matters into their own hands to improve iOS notifications. The result is a tweak that allows you to view the full body of your notifications from the Lock screen or via banner notifications.

Take a look at the preview video for Reveal inside…

With Reveal installed, banner notifications are more verbose by means of a horizontal marquee scroll, which enables you to scroll through the body of the entire message.

Lock screen Notifications received attention as well; now you can scroll vertically to view an entire message, or tap the Lock screen notification to fully expand the table cell.

Reveal has been submitted to Cydia, and will be available within the next 24 hours for $1.99.

What do you think?

  • about time! Loving this… Great Job!

  • I don’t see the point if the Banner one .. You have to be looking at the screen when that come in to see it scroll.. I know I miss most of the banner notifications on my device..
    The lock screen one is not to bad . But you can open the notification just by sliding the icon ,,. This though still looks good , it just more eye candy than useful …

    • Scrolling is done manually. You use your finger to scroll through the message.

      • Does the banner stay on the screen for you to do this or do you have to see the banner and catch it befor it closei..
        Sorry if there is any spelling mistakes.. This disqualified is play up ..again.. I can not see what i’am typing.. ..

      • Every scrolling gesture you do on the banner (if it’s scrollable i.e. has more content then what’s viewable on screen) resets the time for the banner being displayed. It will not disappear on you when you’re scrolling through it.

        By default, the banner will dismiss after the number of seconds defined by iOS. If you have another tweak/app that adds manual dismiss or changes the number of seconds a banner is displayed, then of course that will handle the duration of the banner.

  • Anonymous

    I like it, but I think 1.99 might be a little too much for it.

    • Dan

      same here, when you think Springtomize is only 2$, and all the features it has included.

      • Anonymous


  • Very nice tweak, will be getting this! Just a thought on the swiping gesture though: won’t that dismiss the notification? Or does the tweak cancel this out? Because normally if you swipe left on a notification when it’s just been received, it dismisses it. Hopefully this tweak overrides it to let you swipe through it 🙂

    • The dismissal gesture is not active when scrolling is available so you don’t need to worry!

  • tim

    this is great. my only worry is is it compatible with chip…

    • I see no reason that it wouldn’t be! No worries.

  • The dismissal gesture is not active when the banner is scrollable so you don’t need to worry!

  • i really just wanna know when it comes out so i can get it asap!

  • awesome job josh 😛

  • For banners at the top of the screen, I think it’s more trouble than it’s worth being so small and trying to catch it before it disappears.
    For the lockscreen though, on the bigger notification in the center of the screen, it’s a good idea as long as the icon on the dock/springboard cancels the badge instead of constantly showing that you have messages.
    Also $1 is more of a desirable price. Not sure how much work goes into it but that’s how much I would like to pay.
    Nice idea though!

    • If it helps in your question, I replied to Burge up at the top with some more information about how banners work.

      As for badges, especially with any of Apple’s applications (i.e. Mail or Messages), it’s near to impossible have an application remove its badge and mark content “read” within the application. You could potentially remove the badge but it will still show as “unread” within the application. So in a scenario that it does clear the badge for the message, if you go into the Messages application after that fact, you’ll still have to open that particular message to remove the blue unread dot. That’s counter-intuitive because you’re having to check it twice.

      Apple’s current framework makes what you want near to impossible, as I mentioned above. Trust me, I have tried to get this done and it’s really more trouble then it’s worth at this point. Plus, Reveal’s mission was not to alleviate this particular “issue.” I have another project in progress called Abstergo that will help you accomplish part of what you’re asking but with the ability to hide or clear notifications from your lock screen.

  • A

    Great tweak, but I agree with others that the price is a bit steep for what it does. There are full blown apps and other tweaks that do much more and involve a lot more developing and design work, and yet cost the same. I know that spending $2 would not kill me – I spend more on a visit to my favorite coffee shop. But still, $0.99 seems more appropriate for this tweak.

  • C_C

    For me notifications on my lock screen is a bad idea if your device sits in you pocket all the time. It might lead to calling somebody inadvertently or send a reply you didn’t intend. However if you what a more bodied notification you can do this with springtomize and much more.

    • You should try the AskToCall tweak.. Makes it much better for those who always dial without knowing..

      • Anonymous

        I love AskToCall! Awesome tweak

  • Max Katzmann

    I can’t watch the video here in germany because it contains music that belongs to SME =/

    • I apologize for the inconvenience! Reveal should be live soon so you’ll have the honor of seeing it beautifully reviewed by Jeff! Can’t ask for better.

  • The Video is blocked in Germany -.- Fucking GEMA

    • Yeah I’m sorry it’s not viewable there. As mentioned above, Jeff is the best there is and will have a well-done review up when it goes live.

    • this sucks so hard…+1 fcking GEMA

  • Cam

    Awesome tweak, long overdue idea.

    Is there anyway the text in the notification banner can scroll by itself?

  • it’s not in the store yet D:

  • Is it compatible with NC enhancer ????

  • mehhh

  • Reveal already exist in Cydia as a theme or maybe Im loosing my mind.

  • just 3 stupid modifications, dont worth it

  • When will this be out

  • Anonymous

    I agree that it seems overpriced, I would have bought it otherwise. I also think that auto-scroll would be better than manual scrolling.