Upcoming jailbreak tweak makes notifications more verbose

iOS 5’s upgraded notification system was a welcomed addition to iOS’ repertoire, but as time goes on it’s evident that it can be improved even more so.

Developers Joshua Tucker and Conrad Kramer have taken matters into their own hands to improve iOS notifications. The result is a tweak that allows you to view the full body of your notifications from the Lock screen or via banner notifications.

Take a look at the preview video for Reveal inside…


With Reveal installed, banner notifications are more verbose by means of a horizontal marquee scroll, which enables you to scroll through the body of the entire message.

Lock screen Notifications received attention as well; now you can scroll vertically to view an entire message, or tap the Lock screen notification to fully expand the table cell.

Reveal has been submitted to Cydia, and will be available within the next 24 hours for $1.99.

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