If you couldn’t believe those hipsters who stopped using Instagram just because it sold out to Facebook for a staggering $1 billion, wait ’till you hear this.

Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president, apparently stopped using Instagram because the photo sharing service recently expanded to Android.

It’s hardly a surprise, if you think of it. Schiller, a prominent figure in Apple’s public presentations, has been a member of the company’s executive leadership team since Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997.

Being in charge of worldwide marketing at Apple and an active Twitter user, Schiller would be foolish to continue supporting a hugely popular service that up until recently used to be an iOS exclusive…

That must have hurt Schiller’s feelings.

According to a post over at 9to5Mac, a reader has discovered that Schiller deleted his @schiller account on Instagram. The executive clarified the decision in a private message to the reader, saying he stopped using the immensely popular photo sharing service because:

It “jumped the shark” then it went to Android.

Not much to be said about this, with the exception that Schiller is no ordinary user.

Being one of the public faces of Apple and a high-ranked executive in charge of marketing means moves like this are always scrutinized and send a certain message.

Contrast this to a pair of his earlier tweets that clearly promoted Instagram.



To me, the message is loud and clear: iPhone users, stop supporting Instagram, our app of the year!


Maybe I’m overblowing this, but this is my take.

What’s yours?

Should have Schiller stayed an Instagram user regardless of the fact the service expanded to Android?

  • Well, i have never ever used instagram and THIS just convinced me even more to not get it 🙂 They should have stuck to the IOS exclusivity i agree, but it’s kinda fun, when allowing the android to join the game, but sometimes, it’s just a matter of time when it happens… Oh and I heard, that there was an fake instagram app on Android Market that caused trouble for android users, poor them though they have antivirus and sh*t installed, thank god IOS is so much secure 🙂

    • Anonymous

      IOS is safer, Yup that’s what they said about Os X

      • Anonymous

        There is malware continually found on Google Play. How much malware has been reported for iOS? 0.

      • Metroview

        lol please provide links about iOS being infected with a virus. jailbreak related articles don’t count (as if they get viruses too, which they don’t)

        as of now, you’re talking out of your ass.

      • Anonymous

        Nothing is completely safe, but Mac OS and iOS are way more secure than Windows and Android.

      • Anonymous

        OS X had a trojan not a virus. Please don’t compare osx problems to windows problems. You’re gonna lose big time. And what malware and virus’s has iOS had? Please don’t compare ios problems to android. You’re gonna lose big tim

  • Do you all proof read your articles at all?

  • Kiss asses stick to get her what what do you expect.

  • No. That’s an irrational decision in my opinion. Just because a popular app spread to a wider user base doesn’t mean you need to stop using it. That’s basically saying that if a product becomes too successful, you should stop using it. But then again, Apple is a bunch of hipsters, and that’s what hipsters do.

  • WTF??? When you said he quits Instagram I thought you meant he quit working for them. Why would you word it like that??? You could have said stops using instagram or deleted instagram account. Very misleading title

  • Anonymous

    most iDB posts not by Jeff are horrible

  • Anonymous

    I hear Zuckerberg isn’t invited to his birthday party either.

  • childish….

  • Anonymous

    “To me, the message is loud and clear: iPhone users, stop supporting Instagram, our app of the year!”

    Yeah, let’s all quit using Instagram because a 50-something year old KID does so! It’s pretty immature for him to do that, and I’m pretty sure Steve Jobs should come back of the dead to kick him in the nuts. It’d be even more pathetic if all of you lame Apple followers did the same as him.

    Come on, Schiller. Get your head out of your ass.

  • What a bunch of babies.. Quite frankly, who cares if this is no longer an iOS exclusive app? Does it hurt your ego or something?

  • Anonymous

    I’m gonna quit this site because it works in Firefox, Chrome and IE. It should only work in Safari.

    Dumb ass logic.